Weed speeds my heart rate

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  1. Ok so I’ve been smoking weed for like a year and I would have these amazing highs and it was so chilling I loved it . But over summer it started changing . It started when one day I was smoking and I just got a panick attack and it wasn’t so scary I felt like I wasn’t breathing. Then it went away for a while and I smoked again and same with the panick attack. My heart would race and I felt like I wasn’t breathing I started having tunnel vision it was scary . I stopped for like 2 weeks and got back to it and same thing happened. I felt like my heart was skipping beats and racing. Now I’m sober and I don’t smoke weed what’s going on? I use cbd and it works ok but I just wanna use thc again . I need help what’s going on? If I use cbd and thc together will it make it better ?
  2. Changes in body chemistry perhaps, serotonin is toxic in the wrong amounts. However, I would rule out nutritional deficiencies first before you go down that road. B vitamins, especially B1, B6, and B12 are crucial for ant-stress and anti-anxiety. Consider adding more gelatin to your diet, gelatin's amino acids l-glycine and l-proline off set the l-tryptophan in people's diet. Tryptophan is generally only needed in small amounts, and most people are getting more than enough in today's modern diets. It's responsible for causing and triggering excitatory reactions in the brain. Make sure you're also getting enough calcium, potassium, and magnesium in your diet. Don't neglect sodium either, low salt diets cause elevated levels of aldosterone which is responsible for making adrenaline. Lastly, low carb diets tend to elevate coritsol, the stress hormone. Low carb diets aren't for everyone, consider eating more carbs if you're a low carber, preferably fruits and sugar as opposed to starch. Also supplementing CBD, about 20-30mgs, might help balance out the high from THC.
  3. Do you grow your own or buy from others? Have you tried other strains? I know a lot of people seem to prefer lower thc strains and ones with a 1 to 2 CBD THC ratio. At least for social smokers. Some of the weed these days is just too strong for me to smoke socially. I want more than 3 puffs. Lol. Try chocolope. That's one of my favorite chill strains. That or something like Mako Haze.

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  4. I usually smoke out of a cartridge rather than bud. Maybe the cartridge has too much thc. But the thing is that I never felt like this before and I would always hit cartridges but now I just feel panicky and my hearts races when I’m higg
  5. How are the cartridges made? Are they made from trim? Are they strain specific? I hate ones made with random trim because the effects are all over the map and are not consistent. Also, they could be adding chemicals... Cartridges usually give me a headache.

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  6. Tbh I don’t even know but it could be laced or something. I may try bud instead
  7. Well, i do not know about cartridges many but what i suggest is go try bud and stick to it if you can..Now it's up to you to "find the G-spot" of your high..some people get baked with 5-6 hits while others need a whole joint themselves (Like me haha)

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