Pulsar RöK and reclaim

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  1. hello everyone.
    old stoner getting back into it due to the fact my pancreas is a pussy and cant take any more booze...But I digress.
    using the pulsar rok electric rig and am fairly satisfied with it though I have little to compare it to other than a few dabs on a torch rig. I find it runs a little hot, needs to be charged often and cleaned often. any advise on it's use would be nice and has anybody tried the dry herb function? I'm reluctant to as i don't want to contaminate my concentrait reclaim. this brings me to my question about reclaim. due to the fact that it needs cleaning so often i thought id continuously use the same alcohol over and over and evaporate it much later when it's far more saturated with goodness. will the reclaim be harmed in anyway by sitting suspended in the iso solution until that day? has anyone else done this? thanks in advance!
  2. Welcome to the City.
    Lots of us old stoners here.
    Alcohol has a high ratio of milligrams of Cannabinoids it can hold per milliliter so yes you can keep washing with the same alcohol.

    Just be sure you purge all trace of ISO or Denatured if used as your solvent.

  3. good to know. yes i figured about the iso. thanks!
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