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  1. Can’t figure out what is going on here

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  2. Looks like it could be wind burn. Something similar happened to a sprout of mine but it was an indoor. Went back to normal when I turned my fan to low

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  3. Thanks for the reply. Only thing is I don’t have air blowing directly onto the plants. Could it be some kind of nutrient lockout?
  4. Also they are turning purple in patches on the fan leaves
  5. Looks to me as heat issues, seedlings and clones like cooler temps to start. I keep my smaller stuff under 28w 4 bulb t5 about 3 in away until plants are at least a foot tall, ive seen very similar issues when I put clones right into flower for the first week under HID lighting. Even higher draw LEDs still put out significant heat to the plants with light radiation. Also could be a RH issue, is your RH low? Say 40% or lower. Right now I'm having this issue indoors due to cold temps outside. Basement seems to dry right up as soon as fall comes. Ive seen my RH as low as 21% and it causes curling and drying if fan leaf.

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