New to using an enail - a few quick questions please

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  1. I am new to dabbing and I just bought my first enail with the auber rdk-300b and the 25mm axial from 710 coils with a thick greek glass opaque bottom banger. I mostly just dab now and I do it all along during the day usually with anywhere from 30 minutes to like 2 hours between dabs usually in the 30 minutes to 1 hour range though.

    Do you leave your enail on all day or with a use frequency like that would you turn it off and back on every 30 minutes to 2 hours that I use it during the day? Is it better for it to stay on all day or turn on and off like 8-12 times a day when using it?

    I wanted to try an enail because even though I do cold starts and I try to swab the banger with iso and water after every dab it still gets really black on the bottom of the banger and then I end up using a lot of butane trying to burn it off so I thought an enail would make cleaning easier and not waste butane. Do you clean with your enail like that? Like let it get hot to burn off the black or can you tell me a way to use the enail to dab that makes it easier to keep the banger clean?

    I am sorry for so much text but this was a bit of an investment and I want to make sure I get the most out of it.
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    So, I do not use a e-nail, but I am familiar with it enough to help.
    Just like the arizier vaporizer I own, you can leave it one, I have left mine on loaded for hours on end.
    Should you? No, plan it. "I have two hours or so, wanna pack this bowl, and let the vape run as I hit from it"
    Same with the enail "Keep it warm, and ready for the time I will be using it, and BAM dab, hit and good".

    Now onto the ugly part of your question: And this is my experience because I use torches. Same applies with an enail:
    If you are burning, and I do mean, you ARE burning your oil. It means you are running WAY to fucking hot.
    By hot I mean, if you put your dab/concentrate in your banger/quartz/etc the WORST should happen is maybe a brown burn mark or so. If you are really good however, you will not have this issue. The oil will vape, you will hit your shit, and clean with a cotton swab.

    You should run your enail around 300-500F. Find the sweetspot. (Brown-black means to hot. Clean vape and just oil to swab up is the right temp)

    So yes, when my banger gets gunked up, black as hell, I do take my torch and heat it until glowing red (It means the banger is approaching1000+f) and clean it. But be warned: Everytime you do this, and if you do not have a good one. you create wear and tear, and makes it brittle. Eventually the banger will break one way or another.

    Do people like 1000F hits and dont care if their lungs are roasted in the eclipse? Yes. And as such, more wear and tear on their shit too.

    Edit: 11/3/2020
    Today I own a Enail from High5 Vapes. Its fucking awesome. I run it around 583 degrees with a 25mm qaurtz buckets.
    Even high five vapes tells you you run shit 1000+ warranty is voided.

    And you run the enail for as long as you need. For me, as long as I am home, I keep it turned on. Everytime it has to turn off, then later be turned on again reduces coil life, just like when running it at high temps (900+)

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