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Dragon Lite.....another Tincture Thread

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by PsychedelicSam, May 15, 2013.

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    Many of you may know me from my other main tincture thread, Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it

    That thread is a comprehensive look at the flexibility of what's generally called a Green or Gold Dragon, but which I just call "Dragon". That thread was started as an alternative to all the other GD methods out there. The process is relatively quick and easy while at the same time being incredibly effective. I use a process that was laughed at just a year ago by "respected" members and was personally called stupid on more than one occasion. Well, those same people are now including elements of this process in their own methods and the terminology that I use is now becoming part of many conversations. I didn't expect the thread to get so large, but is has and is becoming unwieldy for new searchers that just want to know how to do it and not have to slosh through the almost 500 pages of it, even though there are many tips in there that can make a difference in the end result. Nobody has been reading it all the way through and instead have been going their own way and not getting the results they desired.

    This thread is for those people, those who just want to know what to do without all the reading and sifting, not caring if you can make edibles or pain creams or any of the other stuff, just "get stoned" or "dosed" kind of folks. I will post the basic recipe with pictures, decarb criteria, strain selection, a hash/kief version, avb version. This version of the recipe will be slightly different in some respects in that it has evolved since first posting and this is not a general purpose product, but designed with "no holds barred" stoner in mind, usually younger and more recreationally minded but medically minded folks will benefit, too. It will also revolve around smaller quantities and my hope is that you guys will follow my small scale recipe to the letter before branching out on your own. If you don't follow the recipe and have issues, I will try to help out. You can also find a lot of info on how others have done it with their own adaptations in the other thread.

    I'll be following up this initial post with an equipment list, refined recipe and pictorials a little later this afternoon.

    dragon3 (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif
    Dragon Lite Tincture Guide Index

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    First I want to point out a few things about alcohol, decarbing and strains, things that I have learned along the way and weren't apparent when I posted my methods. These are things that can make or break your tincture or your perception of your tincture.

    1. Alcohol: This recipe is specifically designed for 95% Grain Alcohol (Everclear, Spirytus, etc.). 151 or other lower proofs can be used but with less spectacular results, at least from a concentration perspective. If lower proofs are used, it can still be effective but will take a higher dose due to dilution and larger doses of alcohol may have a combined effect with the cannabis. With 151 you can reach a point in the evaporation of the alcohol for concentration at which the alcohol evaporates faster than the water in the alcohol, which leaves you with a layer of thc oil separated from the excess water and sugars. There is a way to salvage it but it will never get to the concentration level of the 190. With 80 proof liquors like vodka or rum or tequila, you won't consider concentrating it at all but instead you'll have an "aperitif" or specialized cocktail. There is a way to get a highly concentrated 151 tincture without reduction and that will be covered in the hash/kief tincture section.
    2. Strains: If you are a person who has started our lifestyle only using cannabis that's recently been harvested and grown locally, you are going to be more satisfied using an Indica dominant strain of cannabis, especially if you consider the body buzz to be of utmost importance. However, if you're one of the vast majority who've only had access to imported cannabis like baled mids or even brickweed, then this doesn't apply to you since you are familiar with the effects of Sativas already. Depending on the quality of the bud, you may have to concentrate it more to get the desired effect. Unless you're a Sativa gourmet, I still recommend an Indica hybrid as the first batch so that you can feel the body effects. First impressions mean a lot.
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    Equipment List.

    First and foremost, a freezer. If you don't have access to a freezer, this ain't for you. But if you have questions about another method you want to try, we'll be happy to help over at the main thread.

    2 half pint Mason or Kerr jars with lids

    Cheesecloth or other bulk filtering material such as silkscreen, clean white t-shirt, pantyhose, etc.

    Mesh coffee filter

    Paper coffee filter.

    Potato ricer or other press. You can also use a wooden spoon handle if needed.

    Note: If you have a mesh coffee filter, the filtering material listed above is not needed.

    Double boiler set up near ventilation and away from any flames. This could include a crockpot or saucepan or electric rice cooker with a stainless steel bowl that fits in the opening. This step can easily be modified for various scenarios.

    A couple of midsize glass or ceramic bowls (preferably) to use as catch basins.

    A glass measuring cup probably would come in handy.

    And that's it. Simple so far, heh? It doesn't get any harder.
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    :hello: Green/Gold Dragon Recipe :hello:


    Bake 7g herbs @ 240F for 40 minutes. New data:Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it If using seeded pot, cleaned weight should equal 7 grams.

    Place the decarbed 7g herbs in sealed Mason jar into the freezer for 24 hours.
    Also place a pint of Everclear or other 190+ proof alcohol in freezer for 24 hours.
    After 24 hours add 90ml/3fl oz to a Mason jar with herbals. Shake aggressively for 5 minutes.
    Place back in freezer for 2 hours and then shake again for another 5 minutes.

    1. Using a mesh coffee filter or cheesecloth, clean t-shirt, pantyhose or other fine weave, clean material, place in or line a funnel and pour the solution through it into a clean container and press using a silicone spatula or other utensil. Place the pressed plant material back into the jar for a rinse with fresh, cold alcohol. The jar of material does not have to go back into the freezer. After straining through the initial filter, set it aside until the 2nd run, the rinse, is complete.

    2). The 2nd run can be done with no further waiting since it is only a rinse but my test studies have shown that you increase your potency by 25-30%. Using 3fl oz of fresh, freezing cold alcohol, pour it into the jar of material and shake for five minutes. Strain your material as well as possible then add the alcohol solution to the first run solution.

    If you don't have a mesh coffee filter or a way to press it, place a square of cheesecloth or other material over your fresh container, being sure to allow enough on each side to fold over the ball. After you've strained the weed, you can dispose of the leftovers as you see fit. If you don't have a press, cut the cheesecloth large enough so that you can pull the corners together and use a wooden spoon handle to wrap them around and then twist. You don't have to squeeze like crazy because the alcohol drains well.

    3. Place a paper coffee filter in a funnel or other setup. There are examples in the video and picture guides. Pour your solution into the filter until it's full. Keep filling it until it all filters through. You might have to move the filter around to find fresh spots in the filters. Those husks really gum it up but it's worth the time. You'll get a nice clear Green/Gold Dragon. Of course, you can always filter it again if you're a perfectionist.


    Now we're ready for the main event, concentrating the extraction by reduction of the alcohol.

    1. Set up your double boiler configuration away from flame or other open heat sources. Use a fan for ventilation. If using an electric range, be sure your vent fan is on high. The more ventilation the better. While there won't be the concentration of vapors there would be for larger quantities, there's still enough to cause a flash fire if not careful.

    2. Have the heat source for your double boilers at a level that causes a gentle boil in the water. If you're using a crockpot where the water may not boil, just put it as high as you can. If you use an electric rice cooker that only has one temperature, just keep an eye on it so it doesn't go beyond the desired level. If you don't have a double boiler set up, air evaporation will work, just slower

    * If at all possible, your upper chamber(bowl) of the double bowler should fit snuggly in the lower portion a few inches above the water line. This is to prevent loss of steam and therefore water. If it's a loose fit, keep an eye on the water level and add more as needed.

    3. Measure your combined haul from both runs. If you don't have a measuring device, you can mark a spot halfway down your jar and use that as your guide. As your tincture reduces, you can keep track of the level easier.

    4. Add your dilute GD to the upper chamber/water bath and reduce it by half of the recovered volume. Up to 1/2 ounce will be lost with each run due to absorption and loss. Alcohol boils at a much lower temperature than water and thus will not damage the thc. Depending on your heat source, your solution may bubble a little bit, a rolling boil, or just swirls. What you want at minimum are the swirls. That shows there is action.

    5. Finally, this recipe is designed to give you approximately 3 fluid ounces of concentrated Green/Gold Dragon tincture. So for the last step, reduce your solution by half, or down to your goal volume, which should be about 3 fl.oz for this size batch for beginners and bottle it. It is now officially ready to sample. There is a reduction guide for potency level a little further along.

    And there you have it. I've tried to make the actual steps as simple yet concise as possible. And as stated previously, this recipe is pretty much designed for the novice, the beginner. It does not require a lot of marijuana that could be lost, anything is possible so it could happen. I don't advocate making this or any other cannabis product for the first time with your emergency stash. You don't have to have expensive pot or even buds. I want everyone to be comfortable within themselves with trying this. :pimp:
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    Dragon Recipe....Phase 1

    Edit: The pictures that had been used here were from a prior batch showing a different amount of alcohol for the runs. I have since prepared a fresh, small batch again and will be switching out those images with ones that are more relevant and less confusing. The cannabis used in these was Hindu Kush buds, so substitute "Hindu Kush" wherever it says Blue Widow.

    This is the start of a picture tutorial of each step and then some of this recipe. I'm using the exact steps laid out here for a 7g batch of Dragon. There will be a new post for each stage so that the pictures don't get too confusing.

    First is prep through the first shake :
    1) Tools and ingredients, 7g Blue Widow sugar trim in plate. Recipe batch Ingredients.jpg

    2) 7g after decarb Picture 6.jpg

    4) 7g pre-freeze Picture 7.jpg

    5) 7g & Everclear after 24 hour freeze, ready to shake Picture 9.jpg Picture 8.jpg

    6) After first 5 minute shake. Note the layer of trichome husks. Picture 10.jpg

    7) Place the jar back in the freezer for 2 hours. :)
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  6. This is awesome ive always wanted to make green dragon and ill use this recipe when my harvest comes through. If i were to use kief from all my trim how much would i need to get the same results? I only have one concern though and thats that my stove only has 5 settings its oldschool as fuck and doesnt have a dial so i have warm low 1 2 and high or something stupid. I dont want it to boil to hot and end up damaging my final product, do you think it would be alright to use?
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    Dragon Recipe....Phase 2
    We've covered through the first shake on the previous post. This will take us through the 2nd shake, strain and filtering.
    1) 7g after 2nd shake
    2,) Simple Household Items used to Strain the 1st run plant material: 1 cup pyrex measuring cup
    Canning Funnel New4.jpg Mesh coffee filter
    Silicon Spatula (not shown)

    3) Place the canning funnel into the measuring cup and then place
    the mesh filter into the funnel. Pour the alcohol solution and plant matter into the mesh filter and allow to drain, scraping down the sides of the filter for quicker results with the spatula. Use the spatula to press the material until it stops dripping. New5.jpg New6.jpg

    4) Place material back into the jar and set aside. New7.jpg Recipe batch 7g Back in freezer.jpg

    5) Remove the mesh filter after replacing material in the jar and clean the funnel of any residue that may have acculated and place in the mouth of a clean jar. Place a paper coffee filter into the funnel. If using a canning funnel as shown here, secure it to the sides with clothespins to prevent if from falling through due to the wider mounth. Pour the strained solution into the filter and allow it to drain fully. Because of the fine silt and trichome husks this can be slow. New9.jpg

    \n6) Alcohol extraction solution after final filter of first run before reduction. Place in a dark spot until 2nd run is ready.

    7) These are trichome husks that are filtered out during the process. These are still moist but when dry it looks just like some blonde kief. There's nothing left in those because the cannabis resin has been stripped from them. Trichome husks.jpg

    This marks the end of the first run. There is one more run which is basically a rinse. The next post will cover the first part of the second run. Stay tuned. :rolleyes:
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    Hi, there, SupaaBaked! You're my first customer here on Dragon Lite and deserve a door prize, but unfortunately I don't have one available. Hopefully your results from this process will take the place of it.

    Using kief actually is easier that the reefer method and has great potential for a super concentrated Dragon. The amount of kief you use will be determined by the amount of reefer it represents. For example, I use dry ice hash for mine and it's really more like kief since I don't compress it. The last batch of kief I made netted me 7g from an ounce of reefer, 28g, so that works out to each gram of kief representing 4g of reefer. If you use 1g of kief in one fluid ounce of Everclear, you will get a Dragon tincture with a potency of 4g per fluid ounce. And it's ready in just a few hours. This recipe for the reefer tincture is designed to give you a potency of 2g/fl oz. The tincture is less dilute if you have less material to cover and kief/hash can give you outstanding results.

    I'll be adding that process as soon as I complete the base recipe. It is similar and still utilizes the freezer and ice cold alcohol but the amount of processing is reduced to just the initial steps. You'll like it, I do believe. dragon (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif
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  9. Awesome i cant wait to check it out. Sorry for posting inbetween your guide i didnt mean to lol.
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  10. Awesome i cant wait to check it out. Sorry for posting inbetween your guide i didnt mean to lol.
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  11. Awesome i cant wait to check it out. Sorry for posting inbetween your guide i didnt mean to lol.
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  12. I didnt mean to spam that either. I would delete them but i have no clue how on this new GC, i dont even think you can.
  13. Hi all, I saw the new thread and had to stop in. Blue Widow, :p
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  14. I feel your pain
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    You didn't hurt anything. I was finished for the day and a little conversation never hurt anyone. Although it does look like GC is having trouble with duplicate posts.  :D 
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  16. Sam,
    Love the thread.
    My only small tip would be to use a Pyrex or other heat resistant measuring cup for your reduction vessel.
    It is already marked to show how much has been reduced, the wider mouth vs a jar seems to allow for quicker evaporation, and it has a built in handle and spout which is nice for handling the final product. (Remember to use a hot pad.)
    Keep up the good work.
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  17. Congratulations on the new thread PSam!

    Will follow this thread too.

    For anyone considering trying PSam's tincture take it from me, you will not be disappointed with the results.

    The most important thing is to follow the instructions. The second most important thing is to ask questions if you are not clear on the instructions.

    PSam and others here are very knowledgeable. Ask questions, you will be happy you did / do.
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    Thanks for joining in, Potfiend. That is a good tip especially when you're using a hot water bath to reduce the alcohol because of the wider mouth. Of course all the cautions using glass remain. Don't place on direct heat, don't place on cold surface while hot. Hopefully you'll have a better glass measuring cup than mine. I bought an Anchor Hocking brand 16 ounce graduated measuring cup from WalMart with markings on both sides. The bad part about that is that the lines for the measurements are different on each side so that if I have a cup measurement on one side, it will read 9 ounces on the other side. That makes it a little useless for accurate measurement but it has plenty of other uses. I use mine during several steps of the process. Another good thing about them is that they are easy to wash and dry out for a quick turnaround. 
    Thanks again for the tip, Potfiend, and feel free to add others. This thread is about making it as easy as possible with what's available and anything that can further that goal is appreciated.  :) 
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    Thanks, smf, and thanks for the glowing review. I hope I can do it justice. If this thread is half as successful as the main thread, then I have a feeling I'm going to be busy, but I felt there was a need to streamline and narrow the scope a bit this time for those just interested in the tincture and maybe even stay on topic most of the time. However, with me at the wheel and driving this vehicle, we could wind up anywhere at the drop of a hat.

    And as a side note, I have a special treat in store for tomorrow morning right here in Dragon Lite to help familiarize everyone with my style (or maybe lack of it), so stay "tuned". Just_Cuz_06 (2015_10_01 04_32_03 UTC).gif
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    Just to give you an idea of why I feel qualified to create this thread, I'm posting some pictures of my tinctures. These are what I currently have on hand and nearly every bottle is a different batch.


    The one in front is the one I chose for this morning's wake and bake. It is a blend of several different tinctures of different strains. This is the bottle into which I pour the last bits of other bottles and the effects are outstanding. The more strains you have in a tincture the more pronounced the buzz. This morning I used 10 drops of this in my coffee and I am flying, with great head and body effects. My usual dosage with my tolerance is 8-10 drops, but I never do more than 15 and that's usually at night to cover pain. I have some that are 4 drop potent. Which one I use is dependent upon my desires at the time.


    This is why I call it just "Dragon" instead of Green Dragon. The color is going to vary from a deep gold to various shades of green and even coffee colored avb tincture.


    This is the second time I've written this paragraph because this screwy new format crashed and didn't save when I previewed. Hopefully I can remember what I wrote.

    I wanted to insert this early in the guide to give you an idea of what to expect. Of course, your results will vary dependent on the source material. I will post the last 2 phases of the guide a little later today.

    Have a great day!
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