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Canna Caps

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by MickFoster, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]
    I couldn't resist.

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  2. Are you sure on your numbers?

    I use size 00 gel caps like you indicated and I get roughly 30 full capsules from each fluid ounce of the coconut oil, lecithin, and cannabis oil combined. You said you used 3/4 of a cup of oil, thats 6 ounces. So 30 x 6 is 180 capsules, not 120. I demand a recount, lol.
  3. I misspoke. I meant a "Salad Spinner". :rolleyes:
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  4. I would second this one quite enthusiastically. When I started making caps, I strained my oil and got reasonable results. But I kept the oily leavings in a mason jar in the freezer.

    It was obvious there was goodness left behind, since when I put that "exhausted" material on a slice of bread with some peanut butter, the effects were substantial. I was leaving a lot behind by straining!

    I've since taken to grinding my material down to as fine a powder as I can possibly get, then using a fat syringe, fill my caps with oil/powder "sludge." I also use "000" caps which makes this all a bit easier. Since you're making a suspension here, with the small particles floating in the oil, you need to keep actively stirring the whole time to keep it as evenly distributed as possible.

    I always use 75% as a "fudge factor" in both oils and tinctures. I might be, and probably am, doing a bit better than that, but plan for the lower figure, and be pleasantly surprised if it comes out higher.

    So your 28g of source was probably more like:
    (28,000mg x 15%) = 4,200mg this is your theoretical maximum if you were extracting 100% without loss
    (4,200mg x 75%) == 3,150mg this is a much more likely real-world number when spillage and efficiency are factored
    3,150 / 120caps = 26.25mg per cap

    Now we can't do anything about the 15%, that's sealed by nature. But, let's say you didn't strain at all and put that same source into the're still not going to hit 100% extraction efficiency, but I bet it looks a lot more like 90% or even 95% since literally all of your original source matter is contained within those caps. There is still wastage and loss involved, but substantially less now.

    In the case of 95% that takes your potency up to:
    (28,000mg x 15%) = 4,200mg
    4,200mg x 95% = 3,990mg
    3,990mg/120caps = 33.25mg per cap

    If you were happy with your current dose-rate, let's assume that previous number of 26.25mg...that's what you're getting now...and let's say you want to keep them that way...

    Well take that same total @ 95% of 3,990mg
    3,990mg / 26.25 = 152 caps @ 26.25mg per cap
    at 90% you are still seeing 144 caps @ 26.25mg per cap

    That's an additional 24-32 caps for the same starting material

    Granted, everyone's situation and context are different, and if obtaining source material is no big deal for you, then you have some leeway, but for those of us that have to "use the whole buffalo" this really helps stretch things.
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