Big Bang Auto

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    Day 15 Migro 100w (120w arriving tomorrow. I. cant. wait :D)
    I'm back!! Growing another Big Bang Auto from Green House seeds.
    I decided to put some real effort into her structure, so I'm tying the shit out of her.
    Getting this delivered from Migro tomorrow. I'm actually very very excited :jump:Kinda like when I was waiting for my mail order bride to arrive. Is that wrong? If so, I don't wanna be right!!
    MIGRO ARAY 2 | 120W
  2. Day 17 120w Migro Aray
    New light arrived. Thinking about getting a bigger tent & adding my 100w. I only have a 60x60cm at the moment
    IMG_20210220_180233.jpg IMG_20210220_180243.jpg
  3. Day 25 120w Migro Aray
    Have been tying her down everyday, but I need a bigger pot. Not sure if I should defoliate her a little bit.
    Decided to move her tonight into a colder room with no heating & add my 100w Migro
    IMG_20210228_171307.jpg IMG_20210228_171316.jpg IMG_20210228_171323.jpg IMG_20210228_171344.jpg
  4. Day 30 120w Migro Aray
    This is the first time I've been dedicated to doing a proper lst grow & tying a plant down everyday, so not sure how she looks....
    IMG_20210305_185109.jpg IMG_20210305_185119.jpg IMG_20210305_185131.jpg IMG_20210305_185146.jpg
  5. Just the one plant...?
    I'd be getting at lest a 1200x1200 tent and a suitable light with a view of later expansion
    lets hope your mail order bride approves ...or you can send her back?
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  6. Day 41 120w Migro Aray

    Just an update
    IMG_20210316_210446.jpg IMG_20210316_210510.jpg IMG_20210316_210604.jpg IMG_20210316_210613.jpg
  7. Day 45 120w Migro Aray

    Feeding her 2 litres of water with 6ml of Grow & 12ml of Acti Vera 6ml Bloom 3ml Top Max every 3/4 days

    IMG_20210320_182950.jpg IMG_20210320_183106.jpg IMG_20210320_183138.jpg IMG_20210320_183145.jpg
  8. Day 50 120w Migro Aray
    The same problem started again. The last time I thoguht it was a calmag def. But I stumbled upon an article that said it was potassium. I started adding an extra 3ml of Biobizz Grow per litre of water. I think I've stopped it.
    IMG_20210325_170254.jpg IMG_20210325_170351.jpg IMG_20210325_170418.jpg IMG_20210325_170438.jpg IMG_20210325_170454.jpg
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  9. Day 56 120w Migro Aray
    Just an update
    IMG_20210330_231523.jpg IMG_20210330_231546.jpg IMG_20210330_231621.jpg IMG_20210330_231633.jpg
  10. Bravo!!! That's some seriously skilled LST, and I love that light!
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  11. Appreciate the positive comment!
    Wasn't sure how the lst was coming along. She seems to be developing a nice shape
  12. I've done LST for about 8 grows and yours look better than mine lol.
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  13. Day 60 120w Migro Aray
    Just another update. Trichs starting to show.
    IMG_20210404_202415.jpg IMG_20210404_202419.jpg IMG_20210404_202436.jpg
  14. Day 62 120w Migro Aray
    Don't she look really purty?
    I need a bigger tent for my next grow
    IMG_20210406_181253.jpg IMG_20210406_181330.jpg IMG_20210406_181340.jpg IMG_20210406_181356.jpg IMG_20210406_181427.jpg
  15. Day 66 120w Migro Aray
    Just an update
    IMG_20210410_171358.jpg IMG_20210410_171456.jpg IMG_20210410_171616.jpg IMG_20210410_171625.jpg
  16. Beautiful plant and Great work!
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  17. Really appreciate the comment. I tried lst for the first time & I think she turned out ok
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    Day 69 120w Migro Aray
    Hairs starting to turn red & she fattening up
    IMG_20210413_212251737.jpg IMG_20210413_212322406.jpg IMG_20210413_212513145.jpg IMG_20210413_212537346.jpg

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  19. Day 72 120w Migro Aray
    Just an update
    IMG_20210416_170657746_HDR.jpg IMG_20210416_170912119.jpg IMG_20210416_171013512.jpg IMG_20210416_171102766.jpg
  20. Day 76 120w Migro Aray
    IMG_20210420_170157359.jpg IMG_20210420_170307109.jpg IMG_20210420_170548819.jpg IMG_20210420_170555016.jpg IMG_20210420_170618660.jpg IMG_20210420_170645213.jpg

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