1st time making tincture for lollipops but I'm stuck on something.

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  1. So it's my 1st time attempting to make tincture. I ground up an oz of some good bud and decarbed it for 45 mins. Then stuck it in a Mason jar with 2 cups of 153 proof grain liquor 5 days ago. I have 9 more days to let it brew in the alcohol. My goal is to make lollipops. But I'm stuck on the final step, after the alcohol has evaporated, I've read it can be diluted with MCT oil or coconut oil. My question is... will either of those oils harden in the candy once I've poured them in the mold or will they stay liquid? Any help is very much appreciated.


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    Welcome to Grasscity. I believe with a 153 proof liquor you will have to evaporate the spirits and water, too. You have to take it down to oil, then reconstitute. That's because the alcohol evaporates quicker than the water. I'll give you a link to a recipe for using Dragon Oil. Dragon Oil is what you'll have when you evaporate all the liquid. Sorry, I don't know about the oils. Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it. Actually your tincture is ready to be reduced now. The alcohol strips the trichomes brilliantly in a few minutes. You're just pulling chlorophyll and other nasties now. The important part will be a rinse of your material with fresh alcohol at the end.Good luck and enjoy! They're likely to be quite potent. One more thing- you've posted in Concentrate tools. Your post will get more attention in the Edibles forum. Here's one more link Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
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  3. Vic.

    We usually tell people to make a blank canvas run first to see if their planned edible is going to work.
    By that I mean do all the steps without cannabis.
    Add your expected amount of MTC or Coconut oil to your lollypop recipe and see how it turns out. This way if it flops you not out a bunch of $$$ Cannabis.

    All to often we see a bad mistake and then they are here trying to figure out a way to use the mess they've created.

    As Joker said your tincture was done in the first 10 seconds of Contact of the alcohol and the trichomes. All your doing now is pulling more bad tasting Chlorophyll out of the plant material.

    Coconut oil hit fastest of all the cooking oils and MCT isn't worth the high cost as it doesn't do anything any faster then straight coconut oil does.

    Several way to do what your attempting. The easiest is to dropper some tincture onto a finished Lollypop and let the alcohol evaporate. Works best with 190 proof.
    You may be able to buy 190 proof online rather then messing with 151. That is the case here in California. All I can buy on the shelf is 120 proof but I can have 190 shipped in from out of state no trouble.

    For an oil transfer you want to fully evaporate all the alcohol and water from the tincture down to raw tar.

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  4. Hey Joker thanks for your response. I'm definitely going to check those threads out. I wanna get as much right my first time as I can so I've read up on a lot. And the majority say the same thing about the amount off time left in the alcohol. I'll definitely keep u posted on how everything turned out and how I solved my problem.

    Thanks again, Vic.
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  5. Thanks BNW,

    That's great advice, thanks. Because I'm stuck between just leaving it in alcohol form and just evaporating it down to my preferred strength, and completely evaporating everything bringing it down to a tar. But then I would have to add something like MCT or coconut oil to it. My cousin just tried making gummies and did the whole crock pot thing with coconut oil but when the gummies cooled down, the oil and the gummies didn't stay mixed. The top layer was gummy and the bottom was crunchy coconut oil. And what I've read MCT doesn't freeze. But I'm wondering if it will harden while the candy is still liquid. I'll figure it out.

    And yeah I had the same problem here. I called just about every liquor store in the city and no where stocked 190 proof. The highest I could find was 153.

    Thanks again for your response and I'll keep you all posted.

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  6. Ok.... hello everyone.... as promised I said I would keep you all posted on my progress with the tincture. So here goes....

    So I separated all the plant matter from the alcohol, I did a second rinse with alcohol from the freezer, and then came the husks. Holy crap man those things are pure evil. Thankfully I watched PSams evaporation video the night before, cuz I went the next day and bought all the gear he used... all except for that cool metal mixer.

    Put a pot on the stove to heat some water. Put some padding on the bottom for the jar to sit on. Water isn't boiling yet but it's hot, so I put the jar in. About 5 mins later I hear a pop and I'm watching all the water in my pot turn milky. The bottom of my mason jar popped off. So after panicking a while, and with PSams help, I realized that I'll just have to do a lot more evaporating. Took about 3 or more hours but I finally got it down to this.
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  7. So I mixed it with 4 oz of 153 proof and mixed vigorously. Ended up with just over 3 oz of tincture. Still haven't tried it. I'm trying to figure out how much I should do.

    But thanks everyone for your interest in my story and I will be back once I decide to continue on with the lollipops.

    Vic 20200925_130318.jpg
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  8. Can none of u really see the pic I posted that shows all the black oil left in my pot? Its saying awaiting moderator review! I know I'm new here but WTF is that??
  9. No picture of black oil, just your tincture bottles.
    I can give you a ball park figure of potency. We estimate herb at 15%, unless you know the percentage, so that's 28 grams at 15% or 4,200 potential mg. We estimate you extract 80% of that which gives you 3360 mg in four ounces, or 840 mg per ounce. That is fairly potent. Of course this is a rough estimate.
  10. Got that?
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  11. N yeah as for the potency... not a clue brotha. I consider it to be like high mids. Nothing spectacular but good shit in my opinion. No seeds, and my kinda mellow high. But if your estimation is anywhere close, then that's not too bad I'd say.
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  12. N yeah as for the potency... not a clue brotha. I consider it to be like high mids. Nothing spectacular but good shit in my opinion. No seeds, and my kinda mellow high. But if your estimation is anywhere close, then that's not too bad I'd say.
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  13. Now that I've seen the oil in the pot, is that what you used to make your bottled tincture? If that's what you did you're in good shape, mate.
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  14. Yeah that's exactly what I did. I used 4 oz of 153 proof liquor and stirred n mixed vigorously. However i ended up with just a tiny but over 3 oz of tincture.

    I tried some today. Took 2 MLS in a med dropper and drank it before picking my wife up from work. I know she gets in the car and is arguing and bitchin about something and I really jus didn't give a fuk. I ain't hear a word she said. Lasted a while too. And a nice body high just how I like. I wanna try a higher dose.
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  15. Hey guys... so just an update. Yesterday's test run went GREAT! The 2 mls I took around 4pm had me pretty ripped still at 10pm. So then at around 10pm I took another 2 mls, mind you i was still pretty high from the 1st dose, and that was pretty much the end. Best sleep I've had in a while too. I wanna try a higher dose to start with. This dose was great but maybe just 1 more ml or half might be perfect!!!
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