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This New Luxury Cannabis Line Is For The True Connoisseur

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Now that cannabis is slowly becoming more and more mainstream, luxury cannabis products are becoming very popular with the rich and famous. While fancy things like gold rolling papers have been popular with “high” end users for quite some time now, the luxury cannabis market has been lacking one thing: actual cannabis.

Well, now that gap has been filled thanks to Beboe, a new line of luxury cannabis products founded by Clement Kwan and renowned tattoo artist Scott Campbell. Beboe is for the true cannabis connoisseur.Beboe’s line so far consists of two products for now: a preloaded vaporizer which retails for $60 and 5mg THC or CBD infused pastilles (lozenges or hard candies) for $25.

Beboe gets its name from Kwan’s grandmother who baked cannabis brownies for his mother who was suffering from cancer . That’s an incredibly sweet tribute if you ask me. Kwan and Campbell met while they were both traveling on business, and the idea for Beboe was born.

Kwan hopes that by attracting the affluent with his products, that cannabis will become more mainstream, and more socially acceptable, hopefully leading to full legalization. Kwan issued the following statement, “We hope to further along the end of prohibition by building sophisticated products and brands to attract a more sophisticated consumer. This is what we hope will be the catalyst in forging into this new frontier.”

I certainly hope that Kwan is right, and luxury cannabis lines like Beboe can help end the stigma of cannabis. This line comes along at a perfect time, now that California has legalized recreational cannabis.

The prices aren’t bad either. Twenty five dollars for a pack of cannabis candies might be a little steep for the average cannabis user, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Unlike other luxury cannabis products, Beboe won’t suck up your entire paycheck.

Beboe is available online and in select dispensaries in California.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Image Source: The Richest

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