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Luxury Cannabis Items You Need To Buy If You Win The Lottery

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Are you a cannabis connoisseur with money to burn? If so, you should definitely check out these luxury cannabis products. Most of these cost more than my rent, so I’ll probably never buy them. If you can afford these, you most certainly belong to the one percent of stoner crowds, or you just won the lottery.

Club M: M Box

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Based in California, Club M is an exclusive invitation-only cannabis club offering luxury cannabis products online to be shipped anywhere in the state. To get in the club you have to first fill out an application online, provide proof of residency in California, and a valid medical card. You will then be placed on a waiting list. Membership costs $97 a month, but it’s worth it for the perks. Members receive an MBox delivered to their door every month. An MBox contains premium strains of cannabis and concentrates, vapes, edibles, topicals such as lotions and massage oils, and other accessories. To join click here.

Illadelph Glass: Glass Coil Perc Bong

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Formed in 2002, Philadelphia based Illadelph Glass sells exclusively high-end glass pieces made from borosilicate glass. Illadelph prides itself on the fusing of science and art to create some of the finest glass pieces in the world. Illadelph collaborates with different artists every year to offer customers a one of a kind, top quality glass piece. Customers are also able to customize their glass in by color, size, with or without an ash catcher, whatever you may desire. Illadelph is not an online shop, their products are only available in licensed retail stores. Their popular glass coil perc starts at $900!

Shine Papers: 24k Gold Rolling Papers

For those who like to smoke their joints in style, Shine Papers pride themselves on being the creators of the original 24k gold rolling papers. Shine Papers combine hemp and real 24 karat gold to give the smoker a smooth burning gold joint straight out the latest 2 Chainz video. Shine papers start at $20 for a 2 pack and go to $55 for a pack of 12. You can even find a pack of 5 woven blunt wraps for a cool $100 if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Hitman Glass: Vorhees Birthday Cake Recycler

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Boston based Hitman Glass specializes in the newest in glass water piece technology. They started as a small company selling locally made glass pieces to head shops around Massachusetts in 2008. After relocating to LA, they’ve expanded their shop to serve the entire US. Hitman works with different glass artists to offer their customers the ultimate in luxury water pieces. If you’re a fan of dabbing and you have the cash, you should definitely check out the Vorhees Cake Recycler. The Vorhees is a birthday cake recycler which has “impeccable function,” according to the site. The water goes through the pillars into the cake where it “spins and drains” back through the bottom. The Vorhees has a glass torch attached and also comes with a top of the line nail, which normally costs $190. Before you get out your credit card be aware, this piece costs 3 grand (though it is normally 3,500).

Herbalizer: Herbalizer Vape

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San Diego vape company Herbalizer is proud to feature a vape that was developed by former NASA engineers. The Herbalizer desktop vaporizer boasts multiple settings so you can adjust the temperature to whatever works best for you. It also features a magnetic bowl, a hidden stash drawer, their innovative SqueezeValve™ Balloon System and of course, an unlimited 2 year warranty. The Herbalizer Desktop Vape is on sale for $599 when it was originally over $700. You don’t need to pay rent that badly, right?

If I had unlimited amounts of money I would buy all of these right now. Sadly I do not, so I’ll have to stick to breathing heavily while looking at the pictures like a fat kid looking at cake. Luckily for those of us who do not have a six figure income, you can still purchase affordable high quality cannabis products at GrassCity

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Did you win the lottery and plan on buying these pieces? Can I live vicariously through you? Light up the comments!