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4 Tips For Meeting A Stoner Chick, From A Stoner Chick

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Meeting women can be a bit nerve wracking, okay extremely nerve wracking. It doesn’t have to be. Here’s a few pointers from me, a stoner chick.

She Might Already Be In Your Circle

Chances are good that the stoner chick of your dreams is already somewhere in your circle. She might be that girl who gets really quiet and shy after a few bong rips. She could also be that girl who makes everyone laugh with her hilarious anecdotes. You’ll never know unless you go and talk to her. Invite her to come be the first to try out your new desktop vape. Don’t make a move right away. We stoner chicks are just like other women, we like to form a connection first. If the mood seems right, and she seems comfortable then go for it.

Don’t Hit On Your Budtender Or Other Girls At The Dispensary

You know that hot budtender that you’ve been wanting to ask out? Don’t do it. She’s probably a really cool chick, but she’s there to do her job, which is to help customers find the perfect strain for them. She doesn’t want to deal with guys asking, “You come here often?”, or some other lame pickup line. Trust me, she hears it all the time, and all you’re going to do is annoy her. If you run into her outside of work, then that would be a much better time to talk to her. The same goes with other women at the dispensary. They’re not there to meet men, they’re there to buy weed.

Tinder Probably Won’t Work

Tinder is a not great for meeting a stoner chick. In fact, Tinder isn’t great for meeting women at all. Women have fled Tinder in droves because it’s filled with creeps. Last summer, I joined Tinder after a difficult break up because I wanted to have some fun. I was sent seven dick pics in the span of two hours. That’s why you aren’t meeting anyone on Tinder. If you do want to use online dating sites, I suggest High There!, which is Tinder for stoners. You’re sure to find a stoner chick there.

Find A Chill Chick And Offer To Smoke Her Out

The stoner chick of your dreams doesn’t even have to be a stoner at first. If you meet a chill girl, invite her over to smoke a bowl for her first time. She might be down. Then she’ll decide that she loves getting stoned, and she’ll appreciate you for introducing her to the wonderful world of smoking weed. Then you’ve created your own stoner chick!

Meeting a stoner chick doesn’t have to be hard. All we ask is that you don’t be a creep. Get to know us before you try to get into our pants. Treat us like human beings, and if we tell you no, that means no. Most importantly, don’t smoke all our weed. Good luck!

Image Source: Tumblr/ zombeavic

Got any tips for others wanting to meet the stoner chick of their dreams? Share your advice in the comments!