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High There! The New Tinder For Stoners

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Some are referring to the new social networking app High There! as the “Tinder for Stoners”. According to the mission statement on their site:

“As the only global network for cannabis enthusiasts, we’re driven to create a virtual smoking room for the world. Our goal, is to foster a social platform capable of connecting the cannabis culture, sustaining its community, and serving as the definitive outlet for mainstream plugs. In other words, we’ve gone green. And there’s a worldwide community filled with people just like us. You’ve got more friends than you think. And it starts, when you say HighThere!”

High There! works very similar to Tinder and other dating apps, except it caters to clients who smoke cannabis. High There! was developed by Todd Mitchum, who said that he was inspired to create the service after he went on a date and it ended badly because his date found out that he smoked cannabis.

The service not only matches fellow cannabis lovers, it also matches users depending on their preferences. For example people who prefer to smoke joints would be matched with others who smoke joints, vapers would be matched with other vapers, etc.

High There! is currently only available in states where cannabis is legal. The service is not available to people in the states where cannabis has not been legalized. As attitudes toward cannabis begin to change throughout the country, and with 8 states putting cannabis on the ballot this fall, one can expect that this app will be available in many more states soon.

You can check out the High There! store here.
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