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10 More Dope Cannabis Hacks Every Pro Should Know

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You already know some pretty dope cannabis hacks. Now thanks to science and some innovation from other pros, there are even more dope cannabis hacks that will make your life easier.

Use Static Electricity To Remove Hair And Lint From Dropped Bowls

Remember when you were a kid and you used to play around with static electricity by rubbing a balloon on your head? Well, you can apply the same strategy to removing lint and hair from a dropped bowl. Just try rubbing a balloon on your head, or carpet and then hover it over your herb. The static will attract any pet or human hair that happens to be in your carpet.

Tilt Your Head Back When Lighting A Roach

We’ve all had this problem: you’re lighting a roach and you end up burning your nose, cheek, or singeing your eyebrows. Next time you go to light a roach, try tilting your head backward, not forward.

Put Your Slide In A Gamecube Controller

When you’re filling a bong or bubbler bowl, balance can be an issue. Most people hold the bowl between their legs while filling it. This is fine, but for obvious reasons it limits your mobility. If you have an old Nintendo Gamecube controller around, you can fit the slide, aka the bowl, between the thumbstick and the directional pad to hold the bowl as you load it. Now if you suddenly have to get up you won’t risk dropping your bowl!

Hide An Emergency Bowl

Each time you get a new sack, hide a nug somewhere in your house. Now you have an emergency backup bowl for when you run out! If you repeat this process several times, then you might end up with a couple grams hidden around your house. Then when you go to find them it’s like a weed scavenger hunt.

Halfway Through A Large Hit Breathe Through Your Nose

The next time you’re smoking from a bong, bubbler, or taking a dab, take a quick breath through your nose. This will enable you to take larger hits than you normally would.

Stash In Glass Only

Every pro should already know this, but you should only be storing your stash in glass. Plastic containers like bags, bottles, etc will remove more trichomes from your herb, and it will also go stale faster.

Use A Stem As A Screen For Kief Bowls

If you’re smoking a bowl of shake and/or kief and you don’t have a screen, take two stems and lay them cross wise over the hole in the bowl. This will prevent the kief and shake from being sucked through too quickly.

Use Q Tips For Scraping Resin From A Carb

If you’re trying to clear resin from around a carb, you can use a Q Tip to easily clean around the area. Just make sure to clean off the cotton first! The end of the Q Tip is the same size as the carb, so it’s almost like they were made for each other!

Breathe From Your Diaphragm/ Sit Up Straight To Get Bigger Hits

When we breathe normally, we’re not using our entire lung capacity, which means you’re not getting as big a hit as you could be getting. Next time you’re smoking a bong bowl, inhale from your diaphragm instead, and sit up straight while you do it. There’s a reason why your friends who were band geeks are able to take larger hits than you; it’s because they know to breathe from their diaphragms.

Lightly Crumple Up Joint Paper Before Rolling

The next time you’re planning on rolling a joint, try lightly (and I stress lightly) crumpling the joint paper beforehand. This will make it so that the paper better forms to the herb as you’re trying to roll it. I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that the last paper in your pack, you know, the one that’s a little worn, is the one that makes the best joints; now you know why.

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Have any other dope cannabis hacks you think every pro should know? Share in the comments!