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Dope Cannabis Hacks Every Pro Should Know

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A long time ago, before the internet, less experienced stoners had to rely on the cleverness of other stoners and word of mouth. Luckily now, you can just look up whatever you need to know online. Whether it’s coming up with new ways to enhance your high, or cleaning your pieces, there are certain weed hacks that every stoner should know.

1. Use Honey To Keep Joints Burning Longer

I’ve never actually tried this one, but from what I’ve heard it’s a great way to keep your joints from burning too quickly. Just take a bit of honey and dab it on your joint. This will not only keep it burning much longer, but it also prevents what is known as “canoeing” where one side of the joint burns quicker than the other.

2. Use A Safety Pin Or A Bobby Pin As A Roach Clip

Image Source: Buzzfeed
I swear by this hack. I’ve been in many circles where this has come in handy. Once the joint is low enough to the point where you risk burning your fingers, take a safety pin and stick it carefully through the end of the joint. You can also use a bobby pin to the same effect. If you are with a group of girls, chances are one of them has a bobby pin!

3. Use A Sock To Salvage A Dropped Bowl

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Every stoner’s worst nightmare! If you accidentally drop your cannabis on the floor, place a clean (!) white or black sock over a vacuum hose and vacuum up your pot. The suction of the vacuum will cause your cannabis to stick to the sock and it will not be lost in the void of the vacuum.

4. Make Your Own Grinder

For many reasons, every stoner should own a good grinder. If you don’t have one, you can make your own using an empty pill bottle and a penny. Make sure the penny is cleaned first, preferably with rubbing alcohol. Place your cannabis in the bottle along with the penny, close it and shake it around. Voila! You have freshly ground cannabis, ready for smoking!

5. Unclogging And Cleaning A Pipe

If you are in the middle of a smoking session, or just don’t have time to clean your pipe, you can unclog it using a bobby pin! A toothpick can also work, but they tend to snap in half pretty easily and you certainly don’t want part of a broken toothpick stuck in your pipe.

5.5 Clean Your Pipe With Pipe Cleaners

It’s right there in the name. Pipe cleaners are great for cleaning a pipe because they are flexible and cheap. They come in a package of hundreds so you won’t run out for the foreseeable future.

6. Clean Your Bong

Bongs can be tend to get gross pretty quickly, especially if you’re a slacker when it comes to changing your water. If you need to clean your bong quickly you can use the the popular cleaner Goo Gone®. This stuff is made especially for goopy messes, so it’s perfect for cleaning a bong. Fill your bong with warm water and a squirt of Goo Gone®. Swish it around for about five minutes and rinse.


If you don’t have any Goo Gone® on hand, you can also clean a piece using sea salt and rubbing alcohol. If you are cleaning a pipe pour sea salt and rubbing alcohol in a bag, shake it around and let it set for about 20 minutes.

7. Use Construction Paper To Prevent Light From Ruining Your Stash

Cannabis loses its potency the longer it is exposed to light. If you keep your supply in a glass jar (which you really should be doing), wrap the inside of your nug jar in black construction paper to prevent light from getting in. This hack will extend the shelf life of your cannabis considerably.

8. Put A CD Over Your Bowl To Prevent Spilling

As it turns out, there is still a reason to keep CDs around. When you are loading a bowl, place a CD over your pipe, with the center directly over your bowl. Drop your cannabis through the hole and you will avoid spilling it. If you younguns don’t know what a CD is, ask your parents, but don’t tell them what you are using it for.

9. Keep Your Stash Fresh By Storing It With An Orange Peel

Even when you are using a nug jar, your cannabis will dry out. Try keeping a bit of an orange peel in your jar to keep your smoke fresh. This will not only keep your cannabis nice and moist, but it will also give it a sweet citrusy taste and aroma. You’ve gotta get your Vitamin C somehow, right?

10. Make A Stash Jar With A Built In Humidor

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This is another effective way to keep your cannabis fresh for as long as possible. If you don’t have a good nug jar, keep your cannabis in a spice container, the kind with two separate lids. Wet a small square of toilet paper or a paper towel (anything absorbent should work) and place it between the main lid and the lid with the holes in it. I’ve used this one for a while and it works amazingly well.

11. Store Your Pieces In A Sock To Prevent Breaking

This is especially useful if you have a good collection of pieces and you store them together, like in a shoebox. Wrap your pieces in a sock after each use and they will last longer than they normally would. Do I want to ruin a pair of socks, you ask? You don’t have to. I’m sure you have lonely socks whose partner has disappeared into the void between the dryer and the wall laying around. Socks also make a good pouch to carry all your gear (piece, grinder, your dank, etc) when you’re on the go.

12. Learn How To Make Your Own Pieces

Image Source: WikiHow
Stoners are incredibly innovative when they need to make a usable piece. Even if you have something to use, this is still a useful skill to have. One thing I’ve learned is that you can turn almost anything into something to smoke out of, whether it’s an old soda can, or Legos.

13. Get Keef Out Of A Grinder Using A Penny

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Need to get keef out of your grinder quickly? Try sticking a clean penny in your grinder. Clean the penny with rubbing alcohol first, then stick it in the chamber that your cannabis falls into. Shake it around as long as you feel you need to. Who knew pennies could still be so useful?

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Some of these tips have been around since your parents smoked, some are fairly new. I’ve tried many of these myself, and some I’ve never heard of. Do you have any hacks that you think we should know? Tell us in the comments!