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Young Girl Becomes the First in Texas to Receive Medical Cannabis Oil

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Last week, a young old girl suffering from epilepsy became the first patient in Texas to receive medical cannabis oil, marking a landmark in the state’s history. Two years ago, Republican governor Greg Abbott signed into law, a bill that allowed patients with a specific type of epilepsy to use CBD oil to treat their condition. Last year, the state finally authorized three dispensaries in Texas to begin sale and manufacture.

On Thursday, a young child suffering from intractable epilepsy received the state’s first delivery of low THC/ high CBD oil from a Schulenburg, Texas dispensary Knox Medical, the only variety of cannabis allowed to be manufactured and sold in the state.  

José Hidalgo, founder and CEO of Knox Medical had this to say, “For Texans suffering from intractable epilepsy, the wait for medical cannabis is finally over.” He went on to say, “This is a historic day for Texas and we will work tirelessly to uphold the trust and responsibility the state has placed in Knox Medical.”

Currently, the law is very restrictive. Only a social worker or a nurse may deliver cannabis products to the patient. Only 20 physicians throughout the state are allowed to prescribe CBD oil. Lastly, before qualifying patients had to have tried two different FDA approved medications and seen no results, and gotten approval from two physicians.

Texas is one of the most conservative states in the country. The fact that even they allow some form of medical cannabis, tells you how out of touch the states that don’t even allow CBD oil are. For instance, Idaho’s Republican governor Butch Otter vetoed a bill in 2015 that would have allowed children with severe epilepsy to be treated with CBD oil (which contained no THC). It’s pretty bad when Texas is more liberal than you.

If Texas can get medical cannabis, that makes me hopeful that the rest of the country can too

Source: Texas Tribune

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