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World’s Trippiest Rock Band Sigur Rós Releases Line Of Edibles

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Icelandic rock gods Sigur Rós will be coming out with their own line of edibles soon. That was probably one of the coolest sentences I’ve ever typed. This Tuesday, the band will release their line of cannabis infused gum drops, which will be available in select dispensaries in the state of California.

The new edible treats, which are called Wild Sigurberries, are a collaboration by the band and the cannabis brand Lord Jones. Sigur Rós’ cannabis gumdrops will come in different berry flavors, which were inspired by their native country Iceland. The Wild Sigurberries will come in five different dosages of both THC and CBD. The CBD variety will be available throughout the United States on Lord Jones’ website, while the THC variety will be only available in California. The retail price is $40 for a package of nine, and the packaging, a blue box with the band’s name, is pretty dope too.

The release of the edibles will be celebrated with a joint event held by Sigur Rós and Lord Jones, called a “soundbath”, which will be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the day the edibles are to be released. According to the band’s website, tickets are already sold out for that one, unfortunately.

If this seems like an odd move to you, then you haven’t listened to Sigur Rós while baked, which is a situation that you need to remedy post haste. Cannabis and Sigur Rós go together like wine and fancy cheese, or Juggalos and Faygo. Listening to their music is a surreal experience in and of itself. The effect is tripled when you’re baked. In fact, I’m gonna go do that right now.

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