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World’s First Cannabis Gym To Open In May

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This spring, the world will get its first cannabis gym, and I am super excited for it!

In a short profile in Outside magazine, fitness lover and cannabis connoisseur Jim Alpine says that decided that he was sick and tired of the classic stoner stereotype. He wanted to show the world that stoners were not couch potatoes, with their hands permanently stuffed into a bag of chips. So, he decided to open a gym, the world’s first cannabis gym.

On the surface, Power Plant Fitness will look like any other gym, with one big difference, it will be centered around cannabis. Alpine hopes that members will be able to consume onsite. Alpine also plans to have edibles available for members to consume prior to their workouts. Alpine also plans to have licensed professionals which will offer specialized workout programs centered on cannabis. 

When people think of working out, they don’t think of cannabis. The truth is that there is a growing body of evidence that shows cannabis can be quite beneficial for a workout routine. I know that I despise doing things like planks a lot less when I’ve gotten a chance to smoke prior to working out.

Soon, I expect other cannabis gyms will join Power Plant Fitness, especially if Alpine’s business model is successful. Former NFL star Ricky Williams, also plans to open up a cannabis gym in the future.

I think that this is an awesome idea. If I lived in the Bay area, I would definitely spend a lot of my time there. I started using cannabis as part of my workout routine about six months ago and have definitely noticed a difference, especially when it comes to pain afterward. So yes, I highly recommend that you try it out. As more people begin to incorporate cannabis into their workout routine, maybe we’ll finally see the last of the lazy stoner stereotype. 

If you live in the area, you should go check out Power Plant Fitness when it opens this May.

Source: Outside

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What are your thoughts? Do you use cannabis in your workout? Do you plan on joining the world’s first cannabis gym? Share in the comments!