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Wine Moms Rejoice! Weed Infused Wine is Here!

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Wine moms everywhere, start rejoicing! Weed infused wine is here! California winery Rebel Coast Winery has come out with its first weed infused wine. Rebel Coast’s weed wine claims to give you a buzz, but  none of the nasty side effects that come after a long night of drinking wine. That’s right, there’s no hangover, *raises hands in the air* yaaaay!

Rebel Coast’s weed infused wine supposedly contains no alcohol (does it still count as a wine then?) The wine is described as tasting like a Sauvignon Blanc, which all you wine fanatics out there will know is a type of white wine. The description on their website is quite hilarious. “It’s not a bong water smelling slop, it’s actually insanely good. It smells like marijuana and tastes like Sauvignon Blanc,” the site reads.Because of the marijuana addition, this Sauvignon Blanc has a very herbaceous nose, with notes of ‘lemongrass, lavender, and citrus.’” That sounds pretty good, and I’m not a fan of white wine at all.

The weed infused wine is available for preorder now, and will be shipped out in January, which is when California’s recreational market will be open for business. It will only be available in California for now, so you’ll have to actually go there to try some. Each bottle contains 16 mg of THC, which isn’t super strong. A five ounce glass has only 4 mg of THC, so you’d have to drink the whole bottle to get a good buzz. Still, weed wine sounds delicious.

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