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From Wine Mom to Weed Mom: The Older Women Who Love Weed!

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Mother’s Day, a day of appreciation for the mothers in our lives is tomorrow. If you really want to show your mom the proper amount of gratitude, introduce her to weed. Turn her from a wine mom to a weed mom. It’ll be better for her health, also your mom will be on trend with women all across America.

Since individual states started legalizing cannabis, the alcohol industry has changed. Some booze companies are trying to fight the tide of legalization and are putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into fighting legalization. Others are making the much smarter move and embracing the inevitable. Cannabis legalization is here to stay.

The beer industry in particular has been affected by legalization, as more people are choosing to indulge with bud rather than beer. This was to be expected of course, as one of the most common misconceptions of cannabis consumption is that it is primarily done by men. The truth is that women are consuming cannabis in larger numbers than ever before. Some are even choosing to make the switch from wine to weed, USA Today reports. Yes, you heard right; the wine mom is slowly being replaced with the weed mom.

A new analysis by Rabobank, one of the biggest banks in Europe shows that most women were apprehensive about trying cannabis while it was illegal. Now that medical cannabis is legal in 29 states and recreational cannabis is legal in 9 states, women are far more likely to try it. Classist as it might seem, wine drinkers tend to have more education and more money, so it’s no surprise that they would wait to try cannabis until consumption was legal where they lived. This naturally includes wine moms.  

The reason wine moms are becoming weed moms? Naturally, cannabis is healthier for you than alcohol. The cannabis industry knows this, hence why they are choosing to capitalize on the healthier aspects of cannabis consumption, such as edibles, infused beverages, and beauty products. Smoking flower, as enjoyable as it is, is seen as verboten by many wine moms, who don’t want to be placed in the typical stoner demographic. Now wine is of course advertised as a healthier alternative to beer, but the fact remains that wine is still alcoholic and comes with its own consequences, as anyone who has ever had a wine hangover can tell you.

It’s no wonder the wine mom is becoming a weed mom. Maybe your mom can be next. Happy Mother’s Day!

Source: USA Today

Image Source: Pop Sugar

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