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Will Washington State Ban Gummies?

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The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has announced that they will begin cracking down on cannabis edibles that might be attractive to children, the Seattle Times reports. Could this lead to the banning of cannabis gummies, and other “kid friendly treats?” It’s entirely possible and it could be happening as soon as next year, if the board gets their way.

When Washington state legalized recreational cannabis back in 2012, there were laws included to ban products that might even be the slightest bit attractive to children. However, this doesn’t stop dispensaries from selling them.

According to a PDF, which you can view here, things like “hard candies, tarts, fruit chews, colorful chocolates, jellies and ‘gummy type products’” will end up being banned altogether because they will not qualify.

All edibles manufacturers must submit their products for review by the first of the year. Manufacturers whose products do not pass will have until April 3rd to sell their remaining inventory. Manufacturers and dispensary owners of course think the state cannabis board is being too broad with their definition of what is attractive to kids. They’re right. Kids will literally eat anything, except for what’s on their dinner plate. Enjoy your edibles while you can Washingtonians!

Source: Seattle Times

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Is the Washington state cannabis board making the right decision, or are they being completely subjective? Tell us in the comments!