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Will Donald Trump Legalize Cannabis? He Might if it’s Good for Business.

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When Donald Trump was campaigning for president he made it clear that he supported state’s rights when it came to legalizing cannabis. Then Trump won the presidency and nominated one of the country’s most notorious cannabis haters for the post of the nation’s top cop, who immediately upon being sworn in began threatening the legal market. On 4/20 Trump was suddenly saying that he might support state’s rights with regard to legalization after all. Why the sudden change of heart? Is Trump willing to hold up this campaign promise?

Well, people are right to be suspicious of Trump’s motives. He has after all gone back on every campaign pledge that he made. Trump has not exactly been consistent on where he stands on certain policy positions, to the point where people suspect that perhaps he does not have any policy positions. That is not entirely accurate. We all know the one thing that Trump is consistent on: money.

Donald Trump is a Businessman

Donald Trump might be the president right now, but he has always been a businessman. Many have speculated, myself included, that Trump ran for president partially to improve his brand. This of course backfired and made the Trump name pretty universally reviled, but I digress. Trump knows that the cannabis industry is a profitable one. He knows that the future is in cannabis. He has even said in the past (when he still identified as a Democrat) that cannabis should be legalized. We know now since his administration has now backed off on the often threatened federal crackdown that his stance against cannabis was just blowing smoke.

A couple weeks ago Trump managed to reach an agreement with Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) to leave states’ legal cannabis programs alone. In exchange, Gardner would stop blocking Trump’s judicial nominees. Gardner had been blocking every one of Trump’s nominees since his administration revoked the Cole Memo back in January. After Trump announced that he was in favor of state legal cannabis, cannabis stocks immediately went up. They had previously been in a slump due to the administration’s revoking of the Cole Memo. This should tell you which side Trump’s bread is buttered on.

Will we see legalization during Trump’s time in office? If there’s a profit in it for him, I’d say it’s highly likely.

Image Source: US Magazine

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