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Will There Be Cannabis at Coachella This Year? Not Quite

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This April, Coachella will be once again be returning to California, and this time something is different: recreational cannabis is legal. Cannabis consumption and possession will not be allowed inside the festival gates, but festival goers may still have a place to hang out, chill and smoke a few j’s between sets.

Weed Maps which is commonly referred to as the “Yelp of dispensaries”, partnering with Talent Resources, is going to have what it calls a Marijuana Oasis located six miles outside of the Coachella site. The Marijuana Oasis will be open to VIP guest pass holders (no word yet on whether you have to pay extra to get in), and will feature two grow houses, a greenhouse, and five different geodesic domes filled with the finest bud that Cali has to offer. The best news: all the cannabis will be provided free of charge! Now, that’s what I call kind bud!

This year’s lineup promises to be a pretty killer one, with acts such as Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and Radiohead. Neither the Coachella sponsors or the bands have mentioned the Marijuana Oasis, which is probably for the best. Who knows, if things go well there may be a dedicated area for smoking cannabis inside the festival next year. Hopefully people are chill, be respectful and don’t ruin it for everyone else. We all know how insane Coachella can get,

Coachella takes place the weekends of April 14-16 and the following weekend of the 21st through the 23rd. As of this writing, Coachella is sold out, which is to be expected. Hopefully you already got your tickets and are ready to rock out!

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