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Will Canada Be The End Of Cannabis Prohibition?

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Canada recently announced that they would legalize cannabis for recreational use throughout the country. They are the second country to do so after Uruguay and they are the first economic power and major trading partner with the US to do so. This is big folks. Canada legalizing weed shows that the winds are changing and they are blowing in favor of cannabis.

Not many people know this, but the US has largely been the reason why cannabis prohibition exists around the world. Of course, that is all changing now that more states are legalizing recreational weed and a majority of the country supports legalizing cannabis. It wasn’t always this way. Ever since Nixon started the failed war on drugs back in the seventies, it wasn’t just a war in the US; it was a war all over the world. The US, as we all know likes to consider itself the police force of the entire world, which of course extends to drug policy.

Vice reports that during the late eighties through early 2000’s (1986-2002 to be exact) the US had a policy called certification, which determined whether or not your country received aid from the US. If your country was found to be in violation of narcotics laws, then you were decertified, and essentially screwed. This policy was done away with in 2002 under the Foreign Relations Authorization Act. Countries were held financially hostage from legalizing drugs. This is all about to change come October when legal recreational sales begin in Canada. Will we see the end of cannabis prohibition? I’m feeling pretty optimistic!

Do you think Canada legalizing recreational cannabis will lead to the end of drug prohibition worldwide? Tell us in the comments!