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What Will Brett Kavanaugh Mean for Cannabis?

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Now that liar and most likely rapist Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed to the Supreme Court, a lot of people are (rightly) uneasy (including me). One question that some people are asking is what the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation means for cannabis legalization.

Anyone who watched Kavanaugh’s questioning before the Senate Judiciary Committee does not doubt his commitment to drinking beer (hey, word on the street is that Brett Kavanaugh likes beer), but we have to wonder if he enjoyed toking on a joint in his youth and whether this will affect his ruling regarding cases involving cannabis. The answer: unsure at this point.

The thing to bear in mind about Brett Kavanaugh is that he is a very strict constitutionalist, much like the late, not great Justice Antonin Scalia. As you may or may not be aware, cannabis is not mentioned anywhere in the constitution, so it’s likely he will not have an opinion on it. He will most likely rule with the rest of the conservatives on the court against it, because he’s a dick like that.

What Kavanaugh is most likely to do is rule in favor of state’s rights when it comes to legalizing weed. If a case that would determine the future of legal cannabis on a federal level were to make it to the Supreme Court, you can expect that he will probably rule in favor of states’ rights. Honestly, it could go either way with that guy.

In short, things will likely continue on their present course. I still don’t feel good at all about the guy’s confirmation. One thing I can tell you is that if a beer company sues a weed company and that case ends up before the Supreme Court, Brett will side with beer one hundred percent.

Image Source: New Yorker

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