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Why Bubblers Are The Ultimate Desk Piece

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I’m a big fan of sherlock pipes, they’re usually colorful, they’re super comfortable, and they are nice for just relaxing and toking while working, however, they can also be fairly harsh, and give off scooby snacks. Bongs on the other hand, can be great for providing cool, smooth hits, however, most bongs can be too bulky for regular use and might overtake much of your desk. Based on these factors, the middle ground is the safest bet when smoking at your desk. For smoking while working, starting a project, or even cooking, you might consider picking up a bubbler for your primary desk piece.

1. They Won’t Block Your Screens

One of the biggest problems for me when smoking out of bongs and working at my desk is that I like my piece to be nearby, and if it is it usually ends up blocking some of my computer screen, or screens. Bubblers are usually under a foot tall, and in most cases are six inches or shorter.

2. They’re Small But Smooth

A huge downside to smoking hand pipes is that they tend to be fairly hot, ashy, and scooby snacks are almost always present. Although bubblers don’t usually have the same degree of percolation as bongs, bubblers do tend to still have incredibly efficient systems of diffusion despite their small stature. Tree percs, multiple water chambers, fitted mouthpieces, these are just some of the features that increase the efficiency of bubblers to help them give you super smooth rips from a piece that fits in the palm of your hand.

3. Bubblers Tend To Be more Reasonably Priced

Bongs can be big and bulky, and as previously noted, there are more options for percolators in bongs than in bubblers. Where bongs win in variety, bubblers win in efficiency and price. We already know that bubblers are incredibly effective smoking devices, and they’re also more mildly priced than bongs. Of course, they do usually cost more than hand pipes.

4. You Can Have Multiple Out At One Time

Everyone knows the only thing better than having one desk piece is having two! Since bubblers are so compact, one downside to them is that you may find yourself needing to refill their bowls often. Counteract that by simply having multiple loaded bowls on hand! Have multiple strains loaded, one with kief and one without, or just have twice as many hits before you need to reload!

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