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What To Do About Whiteflies On Your Marijuana Plant

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You can tell if your plant is infested with whiteflies by shaking the plant. When you do, you will see something that looks like winged white dust flying around. This is how you know whiteflies are present.

Chlorosis is another sign that your marijuana plant is being harmed by whiteflies. Chlorosis is a deficiency that cause the plants leaves to turn yellow. The leaves will become dry starting near the borders, and next thing you know they will fall off. You may also notice a decrease in plant growth.

This article covers:

Solving whitefly problems
Symptoms of whiteflies

Solving whitefly problems

Solving whitefly problems

Whiteflies infest in large numbers, making it hard to control them, and to make matters worse they are not affected by pesticides. You will fare better by simply taking the necessary steps to prevent them in the first place.

One way to keep whiteflies away is companion planting. Basically, you will plant zinnia or marigolds nearby and it will force them away from your yard.

If you add zinnias to your garden, they will attract a whiteflies’ natural enemy, such as hummingbirds, wasps and flies. These predators will eat them, making it an easy solution. You can also use bee balm, hummingbird bush, and pineapple sage to ward off whiteflies. This works because they give off a minty smell that covers up the scent of the plants these pests like – including marijuana.

You can also try misting your plants with a garlic oil solution, just like what people use on aphids. There’s also an oil spray made from two tablespoons of vegetable oil and one gallon of water. If you use this, pour the solution into a spray bottle and mist the plants with more attention to the places underneath the leaves. You will need to do this twice a week until the whiteflies are gone. More about pests in my free grow bible.

Symptoms of whiteflies

Symptoms of whiteflies

– Leaves turn yellow
– Leaf edges are drying
– Leaves become brittle
– White spots underneath leaves
– Plant growth decreases

Whiteflies are your plants least favorite pest so keep an eye out for them. You should always look under the leaves and shake your plant often to make sure there are no signs of whiteflies. If you ever see them, quickly take the necessary steps to force them out of your garden.

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