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To Dome Or Not To Dome? Which is Better: Domed or Domeless Nails?

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There has been a big debate going on in the dabbing community for quite some time: to dome or not to dome? Those who use domed nails swear by them, but others say that it doesn’t matter either way. So, when dabbing is it best to go with domed nails, domeless? Why should we care?

There are big differences between a domed and a domeless nail. There are pros and cons to each one. Let’s look at some of them!

Domed Nails Are Cheaper

Domed nails are typically less expensive than domeless nails, so they are a great choice for stoners who are new to dabbing, or people who tend to break things. If you’re an inexperienced or infrequent dabber, then you should probably go with a domed nail, such as this one.

Domeless Nails are Easier to Clean

Domeless nails, such as this one, are easier to clean, because they don’t have the dome mainly. This means that you’re much less likely to break it when you’re attempting to clean it. If you’re an especially clumsy dabber *points fingers at self* you should probably go with a domeless nail.

Waste Not, Want Not

Domed nails are a bit less wasteful than domeless nails because the dome naturally holds the vapor in, so less is lost to the air. Good news for those who like to dab and gab, or those who are trying to conserve their goods. Of course, you can always purchase a carb cap for this purpose.

You Can Fit Way More on a Domeless Nail

You can fit quite a lot more concentrate on a domeless nail, which of course means a hell of a lot larger dabs. This is good news for those of us who like to take a lot of dabs.

So you can see why this is a conundrum  for a lot of people. There are reasons domed nails are better and there are reasons domeless nails are better. It’s up to your personal preference. All this is making me want to take a dab. Talk to y’all later!

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To dome or not to dome, that is the question. Which do you prefer? Hash it out in the comments below!