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What To Do With Your Extra Hour: Daylight Savings For Stoners

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If you live in a country with daylight savings time, today might be your luck day or it might still be around the corner. Either way, you’re going to get an extra hour to sleep in, hang out, maybe even smoke a bowl, the choice is up to you! Here are just a few of the awesome things that you could do with your extra hour from daylight savings!

1. Learn to roll a blunt

Rolling a blunt with a tobacco leaf can be difficult, and as with most impressive things, the art takes practice. If you’d like a tutorial, go ahead and start here.

2. Buy a bong

If you’re like me, you’ll drop a hundred dollars on a bong at the drop of a hat, so I force myself to wait for special occasions. Well, today everyone just got an extra hour to their day, and yeah, I consider that kinda special. So if you’re feeling low on glass, let’s go ahead and fix that problem.

3. Make kief-pucks

If you have an excess of kief and you’re pretty bored a great way to pass time is to make kief-pucks. Simply wrap tape around the end of two unsharpened pencils, load kief into the taped area, and press the pencils together. They’re excellent bowl toppers and also making kief-pucks is also one of the steps to making hash, so if you’re interested in that you might want to start here.

4. Make canna-oil or canna-butter

While most recipes recommend that you infuse cannabis into oil or butter for several hours, there are several reports that claim you can create potent cannabis-infused butters and oils in only an hour. Either way, you could use this hour to try your hand at canna-cooking, or you could use it as a jump-start for your day-long oil infusion. The choice is up to you!

5. Roll a plethora of joints

Meeting up with some friends later? Nothing says time to party like a handful of joints.

6. Set-up a canna-hookah

A canna-hookah is simply a regular hookah that is loaded with cannabis AND shisha (hookah tobacco). Setting up a hookah, and more specifically heating the coals, can be dangerous to you and your surroundings, so only try this if you know what you’re doing.

7. Watch your favorite stoner comedy

Whether it be Super Troopers or Up In Smoke, or any other classic stoner movie, go ahead and throw it into the flat-screen and enjoy the movie. You’ve earned it!

8. Road trip to a new dispensary

Looking for a low-key road trip? Take an hour and drive to a legal dispensary a little out of the way, see what they got and maybe pick up the special! You’ll never know what they’ve got until you got check it out!

9. Reorganize your stash area

This one probably seems a little boring compared to the other options, but that doesn’t make it any less of a valid choice. Sometimes you need to get new stash boxes, or clean them out. You also need to be updating where you’re keeping your goods as your collection expands, so make sure you’re taking time to implement proper care for your glass and greens.

10. Sit around and smoke weed for an hour

The classic that will never get old. When all else fails sit down on your couch, load up a bowl, and simply enjoy the world around you.

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How did you spend your extra hour? Let us know in the comments!