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What is kief and how to collect and use it?

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What is kief and how to collect and use it?

If you’re familiar with the 420 lifestyle you probably have a great eye for spotting the most potent bud in the bunch. The amount of hairs filled with resin glands or crystals give a great indication of the potency of the strain. These hairs are officially called trichomes and contain a large part of the THC and CBD from the plant. For getting kief, picking a potent strain is very important.

After you’ve chosen the best nugget and you are done grinding, you’re left with two things, your grinded flower and the resins. These resins are called kief and might also be referred to as ‘pollen’. Kief is what’s left of the hairs on the bud and is the purest thing to come out of your grinder.

Why should I collect kief?

Being the purest part of your herbs, the kief will also give you the biggest kick when you’re using it. Where regular herbs often vary between 10 to 20 percent THC, this side product can contain over 50% of THC depending on the potency of your herbs. Be careful with how much you use and don’t forget: Sharing = caring. Looking for a way to make dosing easier? Take a look at our ultra-precise scales.

How do I collect kief?

The kief ends in the bottom of your grinder after grinding. You can get it out by knocking the open grinder on a paper while holding the grinder upside down. However only grinding one bud won’t provide you with a lot of kief. This means it’s a bit of work to collect the pollen every time. The solution to this is to get a grinder that uses a kief collector. With the kief simply falling to the bottom it will do all the work for you. Kief is separated from the rest by using a mesh screen.

Here is our collection of grinders. Look for one of the 4-part grinders that offers this option. They also contain a small pollen scraper that helps you get your precious kief out of the grinder.

How do I use kief?

There are a great number of ways in which you can use kief. The best known option is to smoke it. Put a bit over your bud and then toss it into your bowl. You can also choose to dip your roll-up in it, or you can use it for making edibles. Here you can find our five favourite ways to use kief.

The most important choice to make is whether you want to smoke or eat it. If you’re smoking it, the kief is good to go as is. When you decide to eat it however you have to decarb it first.

What is decarbing?

Decarbing is the process of removing a carboxyl group and releasing carbon dioxide. The effect of this is that the THCA becomes THC. When you smoke this happens automatically because of the heat produced while smoking. You want the THCA to turn into THC because it will greatly increase the effects on your mind and body.

How do I decarb kief?

Decarbing kief can be done in several ways, the easiest one in our opinion is using your oven. to heat it. It’s really easy to burn your kief, therefore we have a couple of simple steps for you to follow to perfectly decarb your kief. All you need is an oven, a small wooden stick and a mason jar.

Step 1: Collect your kief
Step 2: Put all of it into your mason jar and close the top so it won’t come out, but some air can still come in.
Step 3: Put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 250 °F
Step 4: Take it out and stir it carefully with your wooden stick..
Step 5: Put it back in for 15 more minutes at the same heat.
Step 6: Take it out and let it rest
Step 7: Get cooking and enjoy!

What should I do with my decarbed kief?

After decarbing you have to make up your mind about what to do. There are plenty of options. You can make all sorts of infusions that you can use in drinks and food. You can infuse butter, honey, oils and many other things. We suggest adding it to whatever is your favourite food or drink so you’ll enjoy it even more.