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What Does Cannabis Do To Your Brain?

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A common myth of smoking herb is that it destroys your brain cells, luckily we know that that’s not true. So what does cannabis do to your brain? Thanks to science we now have a better idea of how to answer this question.

Cannabis Does Not Kill Brain Cells

Back in the eighties and nineties there was a famous anti drug commercial featuring an egg in a frying pan. A monotone voiceover says, “this is your brain on drugs.” These commercials, along with programs such as the DARE program, attempted to convince an entire generation that cannabis killed brain cells the same way that alcohol does.

Recent research shows that this is not the case. A paper published by the Journal of Neuroscience shows that daily cannabis use is not associated with abnormalities in brain function in either adults or adolescents. Rather than destroying brain cells like alcohol and cocaine, cannabis interacts with CBD receptors in the brain. It’s like your body was designed to smoke weed.

We’ve Actually Known This For Years

As it turns out, there has been research corroborating these findings for years. Nearly fourteen years ago, back in 2003 a paper published by Cambridge University’s Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society stated the similar findings. The results of this study were not widely publicized, but this is no longer the case as more research comes out.

Cannabis Can Be Used To Treat Debilitating Brain Illnesses

More research has also come out about the possibility of cannabis being used to treat debilitating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Instead of cannabis killing your brain, the opposite appears to be true.

Remember that next time someone tells you that smoking weed makes you dumb.

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