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What To Do With Your Resin

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The worst has happened to you: you’ve run out of cannabis. For one reason or another, you cannot get more until tomorrow or *shudder* the day after. There is an option. You might not like it, but you can smoke the resin that has been building up in your piece since the last time you cleaned it.

Smoke It Straight

This is the most obvious and also one of the least palatable solutions. Scrape your pipe with a bobby pin, paper clip, or some other metal apparatus. If you have never scraped a pipe before, you’ll get better results if you heat it first. Wait for it to start smoking, and then start scraping. The heat will liquefy your resin, making it easier to extract. Once you’ve got what you need, roll it into a ball, load it and smoke up. Be wary, it will be harsh and you will cough.

Combine With Shake Or Kief

If you have a giant, black resin ball and the thought of smoking it straight gives you a headache, you also have the option of taking your resin and rolling it around in any leftover shake or kief you’re sure to have lying around. If you don’t think you have any lying around, trust me, you do. The first place to check is your grinder. You should have a pretty nice supply built up in there. The next place, will be your stash jar. Look in the corners, you should have a fine layer in there. If you save your baggies, you can also find some leftover shake in there. One time when I was out, I went through my collection of leftover bags, and I found enough shake that I didn’t even need the resin anymore.

Take Knife Hits With It

Exercise caution if you’re going to take resin knife hits. This is the best way to use resin, in my opinion because it will get you really high. The caveat is that the hit is ridiculously harsh, especially if you take knife hits using a bong and a bell apparatus, as I do. Don’t make gigantic hits, a little will go a long way. If you make your hit too big, you’ll cough till you puke, and end up with a headache.

Try To Make Resin Hash

I’ve never personally done this because the process a) was more effort than I’ve ever wanted to put into smoking resin and b) seems like it would be really gross. According to the internet, it works. You can take your resin and soak it in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol for an hour or so. Filter the liquid through a coffee filter or cheesecloth and smoke what’s left after it’s dried out. Again, I’ve never done this one before, so do at your own risk.

Give To A Friend In Need

If you prefer to just go without than smoke resin, you can always give it away. You know the saying, “A friend with weed is a friend indeed.” The same applies to resin. A smoker who is both out of cannabis and between paychecks certainly qualifies as a friend in need. Your friend will be forever in your debt and likely to smoke you out when they re-up. Also, don’t try to sell your resin. That’s just rude.

I personally don’t like smoking resin and haven’t in years, but I remember what it was like to want to catch a buzz and have no options. Smoking resin will get you mildly high, but it won’t last long and you’ll probably end up with a headache. Smoking resin is also not healthy because you’re smoking tar and waste products. If you find that you’re constantly smoking resin, you should really learn how to manage your supply better.

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How have you coped with being out of cannabis? Have you ever tried to make resin hash? Let us know in the comments!