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Weed Won Big at the Ballot Box

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Tuesday night the results of the 2018 midterm elections in America came rolling in. There were some good things, and some bad. Who was the biggest winner at the ballot box? Weed. Michigan voted to legalize recreational cannabis, while Missouri and Utah both legalized it for medical. The ballot initiative in North Dakota failed, but will most likely pass the next time around. Ballot initiatives failing the first time around seems to be almost a right of passage.

Utah Was a Huge Surprise

Certainly one of the most interesting turnouts was Utah. As most people are aware, Utah has a very high Mormon population, and much of the state is controlled by the Mormon church. The Church had been very outspoken in their opposition to legalizing cannabis for medical use, despite wide public support and numerous health care providers coming out in favor of it. How the state chooses to implement the law will be up to them. One can imagine that the law will be very restrictive.

One interesting aspect will be how Utah legalization will affect the neighboring state of Idaho, which is now effectively surrounded by legal states. The fact is that people in Idaho are not going to stop using cannabis and Idaho is losing out on millions of dollars in tax revenue by not legalizing, and the sooner they realize it, the better it will be for the people of Idaho.

What’s Next?

What’s next for weed at the ballot box? More than likely New York and New Jersey. Jersey is already close, they just need to come up with a plan that everyone in the lege can get behind and the governor will sign. New York state will follow soon after, not wanting to be left in New Jersey’s dust. There’s no doubt that the momentum is growing now.

Image Source: Daily Bruin

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