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What is Weed Trim and What Can You Do With it?

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Unless you grow your own cannabis, you might not be familiar with weed trim. You might not think that it’s terribly important to know about trim because it’s not the part of the plant that you smoke. A lot of people just throw their trim away, right? Wrong. If you’re throwing away your trim, you’re wasting a pretty good resource because trim is actually quite useful.

What is Trim?

There is a lot more to the cannabis plant than the buds that we love to smoke. Throughout the growing cycle the plant will be trimmed of excess leaves. These trimmings are commonly referred to as “trim”. Often times growers will hold onto trim because though it does not contain nearly the amount of THC that the dried and cured buds do, it has a number of different uses.

Weed Trim is not the Same as Shake

Note that when I say trim, I am not referring to shake, which is made up of loose leaves, stems, kief and broken up bits of buds that fall off the larger nugs in your stash. Unlike trim, shake is high in THC and can be smoked (it’s been a lifesaver when I’ve been running low for sure). Trim only contains trace amounts of THC and you’re not likely to throw it in a blunt wrap. So, what can you use trim for?

Make Some Hash!

One of the most common uses for weed trim is making it into hash. Using trim to make hash is one of the oldest methods for making hash. The extraction process is similar to the decarboxylation process you go through before cooking with cannabis. Take a silk screen and place a sheet of wax paper underneath it. Rub your trim on the screen over the wax paper, collecting all the kief crystals as you go. Scrape them all together and use your pollen press to press your kief into hash!

You Can Also Make Cannabutter!

Edibles anyone? Another very common use for weed trim is to use it to make cannabutter. If your trim has a lot of trichomes on it, you may end up with some pretty potent edibles! First you have to make sure that you decarboxylate your trimmings to obtain the maximum psychoactive effect.  

Eat it Raw!

Eating your weed trim is not going to get you high, but there are a number of health benefits to consuming raw cannabis. Cannabis is a leafy green after all. If you’re looking to experience some of the benefits of CBD, this would be quite effective for you! Try throwing some of your trim in a cup of tea. You may be surprised at how good it makes you feel!

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