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Weed For Warriors Project Takes Aim To Help Vets

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Founded in 2014 by retired veterans Kevin Richardson and Jose Martinez, the Weed for Warriors Project (WFWP) aims to help vets suffering from PTSD and other chronic conditions by introducing them to medical cannabis and connecting them with dispensaries in their area.

Richardson began using cannabis after he was honorably discharged from the US Marine Corp in 2004. Prior to using cannabis Richardson started abusing alcohol and became addicted to prescription painkillers. He was also diagnosed with PTSD and was prescribed 15 different medicines by the VA.

After a suicide attempt that left him in the ICU for several days, Richardson was introduced to cannabis by a fellow vet. After quitting alcohol and painkillers Richardson developed what became WFWP.

Partnering with organizations such as Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance and Cannabis Corp, WFWP began reaching out to veterans by providing them with information about medical cannabis in their area, and giving them access to free medicine with proof of service.

WFWP is currently expanding and now has chapters in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. According to their site, “The WFW Project aims to allow Veterans the freedom to use medical marijuana as a recognized medical alternative to harmful psychiatric drugs without any discrimination or unjust actions against the individual.”

The organization has helped hundreds of veterans, and continues to do so. As someone who has known a few vets with PTSD and/ or chronic pain who’ve become addicted to opiates, I think that WFWP is doing a wonderful thing for veterans and I salute them.

You can donate to WFWP here.
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Are you a vet who has used WFWP’s services? Let us know in the comments!