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Copulating On Cannabis: 5 Ways Weed Affects Your Libido

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The effects of substances such as alcohol and cocaine on a person’s sex drive have been well documented. This is not the case with cannabis, where results have been unpredictable and inconsistent. This is mainly because it’s difficult to conduct research on the subject. Most scientists have to rely on methods involving self-reporting by research subjects, which can be flawed in and of themselves.

It Depends On The Strain

People who use indica prior to having sex reported the most positive results, saying that they felt it heightened their senses and gave them a deeper connection with their partners. Some also said that they felt indica gave them more stamina. This is probably due to the fact that an indica high is not psychoactive, whereas a sativa is. Some who have used sativa before sex claimed that sativas caused them to retreat away from their partner and into their own heads, thus ruining their connection and their sex drive.

Cannabis Affects Women More Than Men

One of the latest studies conducted on cannabis and the libido focused on women, who frequently report having a lower sex drive than their male counterparts, especially after menopause. In one study 90% of women claimed that cannabis increased overall sexual pleasure, while 40% said that cannabis gave them a longer and more intense orgasm.

Too Much Is Not Good

The saying “too much of a good thing” certainly applies to cannabis and sex. Studies have shown that cannabis usually enhances the sex drive of people who use it on an occasional basis, but it can curb sex drive in people who use it multiple times everyday. Of course, these studies were conducted via a system of self reporting, so it really may be a case by case basis. If you think your cannabis use might be decreasing your sex drive then it might be a good idea to cut down just a little.

The Couple That Smokes Together Stays Together

According to a study conducted by the University of Buffalo, couples who use cannabis actually fight less. This really doesn’t seem all that surprising when you think about it. The cohort study focused on a group of 600 couples dating back to 1996. The results showed that cannabis use was linked to lower rates of domestic violence.

Stoners Have More Sex

A 2009 study from the Australian Research Centre in Sex reported that women who use cannabis were more likely to have more than two sex partners in a year than non-cannabis users. Men were reported as having twice as many partners.

Overall, cannabis seems to have positive effects on the libido, particularly for women. Cannabis acts as a natural Viagra for a lot of people, while hurting others in the bedroom. There are a lot of factors to be considered such as frequency of use, gender, and the type of cannabis that you are using. Cannabis does affect a person’s ability to perceive time and it certainly does heighten the senses, both of which sound like the makings of a good time to me.

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