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Ways To Incorporate Tobacco Into Your Herb Smoking

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It’s a pretty commonly known fact that tobacco isn’t exactly healthy for the human body, but that doesn’t seem to stop people from enjoying the flavor and effects that the plant offers. I don’t recommend integrating tobacco into your regular experiences with cannabis, but for those who already have, here’s a few tips on how to incorporate tobacco into your toke time.

Roll A Spliff Or Blunt

The most common way that you’ll likely see stoners enjoying tobacco and cannabis is when someone lights up a spliff or a blunt. A spliff is a joint rolled with rice or hemp paper that contains a mixture of tobacco and cannabis, whereas a blunt is usually filled with cannabis, but rolled with a tobacco leaf. These methods are awesome when you want to experience the true flavors of your cannabis with your tobacco and how they combine into a new experience of flavor and high.

Smoke A Bowl Of Moak

When you don’t want to put in the effort to roll a spliff or a blunt, and you have some strong lungs, you can always load a bowl with moak. “Moak” is simply the mixture of ground cannabis and ground tobacco, you could think of it also as the mixture that goes inside a spliff. I love smoking moak, but it can take some getting used to. Smoking moak is a bit harsher than hitting off a spliff because you’re likely going to be getting some fuller and stronger hits off a piece than off a roll, but if you end up liking moak, then you’re likely never going to meet a spliff or blunt that can knock you on your ass again.

Break Out The Hookah!

If you’re really looking to expand your horizons, look into getting a hookah. A hookah uses a special kind of tobacco, also known as “shisha,” inside it’s chambers. Not only will this tobacco give you a different kind of head-rush than your standard tobacco, but how hookah’s interact with your cannabis is pretty impressive as well. With hookahs, you fill a chamber with your shisha, and a good bit of cannabis, and then cover the chamber with tin-foil. The hookah heats the shisha and herb with red-hot charcoals sitting above the tin-foil. For those of you with the question, yes, that does mean there is no direct burning on the tobacco or herb, meaning that the closest way to describe how hookah works is via vaporization.

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What’s your favorite way to incorporate tobacco into your herb smoking?