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11 Ways To Spot A Fellow Stoner

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Stoners are pretty good at spotting fellow ganja gurus. We have a stoner radar similar to gaydar. Once we find each other we usually stick together. So how do you spot a fellow stoner?

Resin On The Lighter

Next time you borrow a lighter from someone, check the bottom. If they smoke there will be black resin stains all over the bottom from tapping bowls. Even if they’ve cleaned the resin off, the plastic will still be burnt in a pretty obvious fashion. Also if their lighter has had the safety removed then there is a probably a 100% probability that they are a stoner.

Cannabis Friendly Clothing

Not all stoners wear t-shirts with giant pot leaves on them nor do we all wear hemp clothing. If you meet someone and they are wearing a shirt from a headshop, or a hat with a pot leaf on it, they are most likely a lover of herb.

Always Has A Lighter On Them

A pretty obvious tell is someone who always has a lighter on them, though they don’t smoke cigarettes. Why else would they have a lighter on them? This stoner is ready for action!

Always Has Eye Drops

Sure eye drops are used for other things, especially for people that have contacts, but a lot of stoners carry eye drops on them. If you get into their car and it’s full of empty bottles of Visine, then they are definitely a stoner.

The Way They Hold Their Cigarette

You can spot a fellow cannabis enthusiast by how they hold their cigarette. If when they go to take a drag they hold it between their thumb and index finger, then they are most assuredly a stoner. The only people who hold cigarettes like that are people who smoke a lot of joints. Also, if someone prefers to take short puffs as opposed to long drags, this is a dead giveaway.

You Ask Them If They Smoke And They Say “Smoke What?”

When you meet someone at a party and you want to find out if they smoke weed, ask them if they smoke. If they answer with the question, “smoke what?” then you’ve got your answer. What else would they be referring to. They could be talking about smoking meat on the grill, but that’s probably not the case.

They Speak Slowly With A Drawl

I’ve been told for most of my life that I speak with a slight California surfer drawl, basically I sound like a stoner. I’ve noticed that a lot of stoners speak with the same sort of drawl, especially when they’re baked (so pretty much all the time). I’ve had people come up to me at parties and tell me that they could tell that I smoked, just from the way I was speaking. Then we’d smoke a bowl.

If They Have Dreads And They’re White

I have yet to meet a white guy with dreads who was not a stoner. Stoners are pretty low maintenance people because life’s too short to be uptight all the time. The only hairstyle that is more low maintenance than dreadlocks is a buzz cut.

Singed Hair

If you’re around someone who always has the ends of their hair burnt off, then that means that they often hold a lighter close to their face, as one would smoking a bowl. One time someone told me that they knew that I was a stoner because my eyebrows were singed.

“Dank” Is A Large Part Of Their Vocabulary

If you meet someone and they constantly refer to everything as “dank,” then they are most definitely a stoner. They’re probably a stoner if they also say “dope,” “chronic,” or really any stoner terminology.

Stoners are pretty good at identifying other stoners. Once you’ve been doing it for a while then you can spot the signs. The good thing is that most of these signs are only obvious to other stoners, so you don’t need to worry about randos coming up to you on the street, that is unless you’re wearing a shirt with a giant pot leaf on it.. Not everyone is as observant as the guy who pointed out my singed eyebrows.

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How do you spot a fellow stoner? Share in the comments!