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Watch Doctor Oz Own “Fox and Friends” on Medical Cannabis

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A great thing happened yesterday. The famous Doctor Oz, known for his views on holistic medicine and nutrition, completely owned the dunces who host Fox News’ often incomprehensible morning show Fox and Friends.

For those who aren’t familiar with the bile that is “Fox and Friends”, they are your basic morning show anchored by two dumb Republican middle aged dudes and your typical replaceable Fox News blond woman, to be rotated out as soon as she shows any natural signs of aging. They talk a lot about the outrages of American society such as poor people, gay people, and liberals. They also talk about cannabis at times. This is the show where 5 years ago, Steve Doocy (or douchey, if you prefer) unironically used the phrase “getting potted up” when commenting about Colorado and Washington legalizing cannabis. Here’s the clip for context, or if you just need a good laugh.

Doctor Oz was on the show to talk about Ivanka Trump. The conversation turned to how unfair the Trumps had been treated by the media (that’s debatable). Doctor Oz then brought up the opioid epidemic, which Trump has said is one of his top priorities. The hosts acted like this was the end of the segment, but Oz wasn’t done. “Can I ask you one thing,” he interjected quickly. “I talked about the opioid epidemic, but the real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana,” he finished. Doocy was visibly pissed at this, but said nothing, while slightly curling his fist. Oz then brought up data showing that cannabis could be used as an exit drug to get people off of opiates, and more research needs to be done. Doocy sarcastically replied “Hadn’t heard that before” and ended the segment.

I’m willing to bet we won’t see Doctor Oz on “Fox and Friends” anytime again soon.

You can watch the video below.

Source: Washington Post

Image Source: Politico

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