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Walmart’s Weed Christmas Tree is Bougie AF and You Should Not Buy it

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The world’s largest retailer and abusive boss, the Wal of Marts, has been jumping on the weed wagon lately. They recently had a rosin press for sale on their site, and now apparently they are selling weed Christmas trees. No, they’re not selling real weed Christmas trees; the trees are made of plastic like all other fake trees. The weed Christmas tree is modeled after a traditional Christmas tree, with one major difference: the pine needles have been replaced with large weed leaves.

Look at this dumb thing. Why would you have it in your house?

It doesn’t look anything like a real cannabis plant. Instead, it looks like someone who doesn’t smoke weed’s idea of what a cannabis plant would look like. Seriously, I love cannabis plants. I think that they are among the most gorgeous lifeforms on earth. I love the symmetry of the cannabis leaf, and I hate this thing. I think it looks tacky as hell.

What’s even tackier than the look of the weed Christmas tree is the price. It costs $249 according to Walmart’s site. For that amount of money it should be made from real actual cannabis that you can smoke. My point is that this Christmas tree is bougie as hell and you should not spend your money on it. I hope you’re not planning on buying it. No self respecting stoner should. If you want a weed Christmas tree that bad, then put a stupid ornament on one of your cannabis plants. You won’t do that though because it would most likely ruin your plant.

If you have extra money to spend this holiday season, you should check out some of the sweet offerings in here. Don’t buy a stupid weed christmas tree.

Do you know anyone who bought this dumbass tree? I hope you mocked them mercilessly. Tell us about it in the comment section!