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Vermont Governor Decides To Veto Cannabis Legalization

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It looks like it’s going to be a little longer before cannabis is legalized in Vermont. Republican governor Phil Scott has decided to veto the cannabis legalization bill that just passed through the state legislature. Vermont recently made history by being the first state to legalize cannabis via passing legislation. Governor Scott was hesitant to sign the legislation into law and has now finally made the decision not to. According to The Hill, Scott told reporters that he is not “philosophically opposed” to legalizing cannabis. Scott did say that he would work with legislators on a cannabis bill that met his standards.

This has legalization supporters disappointed, but hopeful for the future. Matt Simon spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project said, “We are disappointed by the governor’s decision to veto this widely supported legislation, but we are very encouraged by the governor’s offer to work with legislators to pass a legalization bill during the summer veto session.” So legalization may come to Vermont after all, it just might take a while. Scott said that he specifically wanted to see tougher criminal penalties for selling cannabis to minors (which is reasonable). He also wants the state regulatory commission to study legal states for a longer period of time. The original bill would have legalized cannabis by July 1, 2018.

Opponents to legalization are overjoyed. Kevin Sabet, the president of the anti-cannabis Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and known Twitter blocker, said of the governor’s decision, “We will be working very closely with our allies to make sure any piece of legislation does not allow Big Marijuana to come to Vermont.”

Be hopeful Vermont residents! Cannabis legalization passed in your state once, it will happen again.

Source: The Hill

Image Source: Vermont Public Radio

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