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Would You Use Weed Tampons for Science?

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Ladies, would you ever use something called a “weed tampon” if you knew that it would relieve you of all of the symptoms of your period? I know I absolutely would. Imagine not having to deal with cramps, bloating and generally feeling like crap? A new study aims to see just how effective so-called weed tampons are in relieving painful and all around inconvenient symptoms of having your period, Business Insider reports.

The study, conducted by Harvard professor Staci Gruber. It will be entirely observational and will look at the responses of 400 different women as they use Foria Wellness “weed tampons” during their periods. It should be noted here that they are not actually weed tampons in the sense you would think. What they actually are, are suppositories.

Foria Wellness specializes in selling cannabis products specifically for women’s issues from irritability to better orgasms. Foria has long believed in cannabis and its ability to help women, as Foria CEO Matthew Gerson said in an interview with Business Insider. “Women have been saying [cannabis] works for 10,000 years,” He said. “And I don’t think men have been listening.”

This study is unique in that it’s not a clinical trial, which is very difficult to conduct on cannabis, due to it being classified as a schedule I drug. The study will take anecdotal evidence from women and “turn it into data,” according to Gruber. I can tell you from experience that this study will be successful. As a woman, cannabis has been a godsend during that “time of the month”  

Source: Business Insider

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Will this study be successful? Would you use weed tampons? Tell us in the comments!