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UK Will Allow Prescription Cannabis

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Starting on the first of November, doctors in the UK will be able to legally prescribe cannabis to patients, the New York Times reports. This decision comes after two very widely publicized cases this year, one of which involved an epileptic child suffering seizures after having his medication confiscated.

The decision was announced last Thursday by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who had called for cannabis reform earlier this summer. Javid had this to say regarding the decision, “Having been moved by heartbreaking cases involving sick children, it was important to me that we took swift action to help those who can benefit from medicinal cannabis.”  

Sajid’s decision came after the case of Billy Caldwell, who had his cannabis oil taken away by airport officials at London Heathrow. Immediately after having his CBD oil confiscated, Billy began experiencing debilitating seizures, which prompted his mother to push for reform by the government.  

According to the Times, the mother of Alfie Dingey, a 6 year old child who also suffers from a seizure disorder, claimed that PM Theresa May had said that she would look into “alternative treatments”, but did not keep her promise. This is when Sajid decided to step up and take charge.

This is a positive step forward for the UK. Now, medicinal cannabis will be available to the people who really need it the most. Surely more countries will follow the UK’s lead.

Source: New York Times

Image Source: Telegraph

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