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UK Pharma Company’s Stock Doubles After Successful Cannabis Clinical Trial

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While the rest of the world’s financial market is in trouble due to the outcome of the Brexit vote, one pharmaceutical company in the UK is seeing its stock price double in value. GW Pharmaceuticals has just successfully completed a round of clinical trials for its cannabis infused pill Epidiolex.

The company was conducting clinical trials on treating a rare form of epilepsy Dravet Syndrome. The results of the clinical trial showed that patients taking Epidiolex experienced a 39 percent reduction in monthly seizures. This was compared with a reduction of 13 percent when patients were only administered a placebo.

Now GW hopes to get an appointment with the FDA to get permission to sell Epidiolex in the United States. In an interview with Reuters, Chief Executive Justin Gover said, “This shows that cannabinoids can produce compelling and clinical important data and represent a highly promising new class of medications, hopefully in a range of conditions.”

Epidiolex contains the non-psychoactive form of cannabis, cannabidiol or CBD and has been used to treat different forms of epilepsy successfully to both adults and children. Later this year GW expects to see results from another clinical trial for a different form of epilepsy, Lennox-Gestault Syndrome.

Now that Epidiolex has seen successful results from its testing, the drug is expected to generate a great deal of revenue for the company, especially if they can get approval to do business with the US.

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