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UK Company Medipen Gets Their First Public Cannabis Research Facility

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This summer, cannabis biotech company MediPen will be opening the doors of their very own cannabis research facility, making them the first in the UK to open a dedicated cannabis research facility in the UK, that is also open to the public. The purpose of the new cannabis research facility is to “drive innovation around the use of medicinal cannabis,” according to The Independent. As of right now, Medipen is awaiting approval for a license to work with and import the different compounds found in the cannabis plant, which will be vital to their research.

Among the things Medipen will be studying will be the effects on delta-9 THC on treating cancer including inhibiting the growth of new cancer cells and mitigating the negative effects of chemo. A representative from Medipen said in an interview with The Independent, As it stands there is a significant amount of scientific data available detailing the powerful effects of cannabinoids within cell culture systems and in vivo. However, we plan to be amongst the first in the world to begin clinical trials on humans.”

This is a bellwether moment for cannabis research! We’re excited to see what they discover!

Source: The Independent

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