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Try a Healthstone, Change the Way You Dab Forever

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Most of us know the standard process to dabbing. Load the correct size of dab onto your tool, heat up the nail, and then apply the dabs to the heated areas. The heated nail vaporizes the dab into a wonderfully THC potent breathe of vapor, but what if you had a nail was meant to hold the dab before it was heated?

The Healthstone vapor nail system is exactly that, a carbon-stone patty which fits inside a vapor slide bowl that you place your dabs onto before the torching process. With its composition of only carbon, the inertness of the material prevents any burning or smoke caused by the nail while heating.

To utilize the Healthstone, all you do is place the dab you want to take onto the Healthstone, heat/torch the dab and inhale!

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The inertness of the carbon Healthstone makes it one of the healthiest ways to dab, especially when comparing it to off-brand nails, which could contain carcinogen causing chemicals.

Created by Healthstone Glass based in California, US, the company has been generating these unique dabbing systems since 2010.┬áThe Healthstone dabbing system comes in two parts; to utilize a Healthstone, you’ll need one of the approved vapor slide bowls that fit the Healthstone inside. A vapor slide bowl generally costs between $40 and $60 USD, and Healthstones come relatively cheap to replace as well, usually costing $20 to $30USD, making it a worthwhile consideration to replace your less durable nails, especially when you consider you’ll only need to trade the Healthstone out once it gets too dirty for use, and your vapor-slide nail should last for an extended amount of time before needing to be replaced. (Unless you drop it!) You will also need either a heat gun or a torch, both of which have varying levels of success, and depend on how you want to dab!


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So, what do you guys think? Personally I want to get one of the Healthstones to replace my quartz, but every type of nail has it’s own perks! If any of you own a Healthstone, how do you feel about it?