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Why A Trump Presidency Would Suck For Stoners

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Donald Trump has a fifty-fifty shot at being the next President of the United States. Aside from all the other reasons that this would be a disaster which I won’t get into, a Trump presidency would be a horrible thing for cannabis lovers and activists throughout the US.

Chris Christie Might Be His Attorney General

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is close to New Jersey governor Chris Christie. It’s also no secret how Governor Christie feels about cannabis. He said at one of the republican debates that people living in states where cannabis is legal should “smoke it while they can.” What he meant was that if he were elected then he would put an end to legal cannabis across the US. Luckily, Christie dropped out pretty early in the GOP primary. However, he is rumored to be on Trump’s short list for Attorney General in a Trump Administration. This means that he will have a lot of control over the criminal justice system and the way that federal laws are enforced. This is bad news for stoners regardless if they live in a state that has legalized or not.This is bad news for everyone, in other words.

Mike Pence Is Virulently Anti-Cannabis

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is Trump’s running mate, which means that if Trump wins then he will be the Vice President. What that also means is that if Trump is elected, but is unable to be president, Pence will be the president. Anyone who lives in the state of Indiana, or is familiar with Pence as a lawmaker knows that he would be a terrible president and he would also be a disaster for stoners. When asked about his opposition to changing his state’s law to reduce cannabis possession to a class C misdemeanor, Governor Pence said, “I think we need to focus on reducing crime, not reducing penalties.”

Trump Wants To Leave Legalization Up To States

Trump has said that as far as legalized cannabis goes, he would prefer to leave it up to individual states. This not only means that Republican states would definitely not be legalizing cannabis anytime in the future, but many states considering legalization could find their efforts to reform their state’s cannabis laws hitting a brick wall.

Trump Doesn’t Really Have A Position On Cannabis

Trump said in 1990 that he believed that the drug war was a failure and the only way to win would be to legalize everything. This was of course before he began running as a Republican candidate for president. Now Trump has been very quiet regarding his opinions on pot. If you go to his website, there is nothing about cannabis legalization on there. He only mentions that he’s going to stop the flow of drugs from Mexico with his wall. Never mind that the best way to stop the cartels would be to legalize cannabis in the states, which would curb their demand.

A Trump presidency would suck for everyone; I don’t think I really need to go into all the reasons why. Looking at the people that Trump has been surrounding himself with (like Chris Christie) should make cannabis lovers very nervous, as it’s likely that these people will be offered positions in his cabinet, giving them massive amounts of power. There’s no doubt in my mind that a Trump presidency would suck for stoners.

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