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Tory Candidate for London Mayor Calls for Legalization

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The next candidate for London mayor has called for cannabis to be legalized. That’s not all that surprising, right? We’ve seen plenty of candidates for various political office call for cannabis to be legalized. It’s just part of a winning platform. What’s surprising about this announcement is that this candidate is from the conservative Tory party.

The leading MP of the Tory party  Andrew Boff has made cannabis legalization in London a part of his platform. In an interview with the ultra-conservative Evening Standard Boff claimed that cannabis prohibition was responsible for “soaring knife crime” and youth mental illness, due to potent strains of illegal weed (if he thinks legalizing cannabis will somehow make it less potent, boy is he in for a surprise!).

“I will use the mayor’s ‘bully’ pulpit to bring regulation to an illicit drugs trade that is behind half of the murders in London. We have had 75 murders this year and under Sadiq Khan it has gone out of control.” Boff said.

It’s important to keep in mind that as the mayor, Boff would not have the power to actually change the law to end cannabis prohibition. He would however wield a great deal of influence with other members of government, and he would be able to direct police resources towards other more pressing issues.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out. Now that conservative candidates are starting to see the positives to legalizing cannabis, I’d say the clock is ticking on prohibition.

Source: Evening Standard

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Will Boff win on this platform? Does this mean the Tories are good now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!