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Top 5 Marijuana-Friendly Summer Destinations

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Why get high at home when you can go somewhere else and do the same thing? Along with fall, spring and winter, summer is the best time to relax and get stoned. Here are five of our favorite marijuana-friendly summer destinations for 2015:

1. Portland, Oregon

This one may seem obvious with the recent legalization, but there’s more to it than that – especially if you love beer and nature with your bud. Oregon may be famous for its oppressive grey skies and constant rain, but the locals have found a way to trade it for three months of perfect sunshine – and they take full advantage. Along with celebrating the recent policy changes, you’ll find Portlanders checking out the endless beer festivals, taking in the diverse scenery and keeping their stomachs full with the outstanding local food. Note that while it’s all legal to carry (up to an ounce), the shops probably won’t open until October, so you’ll have to make some friends in order to score. We hear NORML is being quite friendly these days…

2. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This one’s for the more adventurous traveler, or perhaps anyone who happens to be in the neighborhood and wants some hazy solace from the otherwise chaotic pace of Southeast Asia. Cambodia is famous for its temples, rich history and, of course, the “happy pizza” (we’ll let you guess the additive). Though it’s illegal, police consider cannabis possession and use a low priority offense and probably won’t cause you problems as long as you’re being discreet. The quality won’t be special, but the price is right: reports range from $2-15 for a bag. Check out the Lake Side or the backpacker’s district; the pizza shops come recommended over the street dealers, but it’s probably going to be within a small quality range no matter where you go. And, as detailed in this Vice article last summer, there are plenty of cows to blow up once the pizza kicks in.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Steeped in stoner history, Amsterdam’s more than just a great place to experience decades of world-famous cannabis culture. A city whose twisting canals begin to glisten as the sun (finally) begins to shine, Amsterdam becomes a different place for those finer months of the year. It’s a great tourism destination year-round, what with the myriad museums and, of course, the “coffeeshops” and their unique approach to cappuccinos. But in the summer, the city opens up in new ways – from outdoor events and all-night parties to beach-themed bars and, well, actual beaches, Amsterdam is a necessary stop if you’re headed across the pond this summer.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

The summer does nice things to Vancouver, and it’s perhaps the best opportunity you’ll get to experience this city in its full splendor. While pot is still technically outlawed, it’s a safe bet that you’ll get off with little more than a slap on the wrist if busted – not that we recommend getting busted, but it takes some edge off the paranoia knowing you’ll be alright. Try the Hastings St. area for help from the locals in making your stay a bit more enjoyable; with some luck, you might come across some of that mythical stuff they supposedly don’t send down to us. Once you’re set up, hit the town – but don’t forget the outskirts. Vancouver is full of things to do both in the city and around it. With Washington’s recent legalization and Portland appearing on this list, it’s high time for a road trip.

Nimbin, Australia

Known as the drug capital of Australia, Nimbin is home to the MardiGrass festival, the Hemp Embassy and an interesting history as told by the locals. Remember, it’s not actually summer there, so this one’s on the list if you fancy a break from the heat. It’s still Australia, so you can expect relative warmth even during the winter, but you may find yourself spending more time gazing at the candle factory than the beach this time of year.

That’s where we’re headed for a headchange this summer – where are you off to?

Image of Cambodian pizza shop: Lisa-Lisa /