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Tommy Chong To Host New Variety Show

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Tommy Chong might be in the middle of a life-altering battle against cancer, but the clown prince of cannabis isn’t letting that slow him down. Chong has just announced that he’s partnered up with WeedMaps and FilmOn to create a new talk show that will be distributed by Dish Network on FOTV. According to the legendary comedian, the program, called Almost Legal, will be a “stoner’s version of Jon Stewart,” and will cover “anything that affects the pot smoker’s status in any way, negative or positive.”

As shows of this format often do, Almost Legal will also include sketch comedy, celebrity interviews, musical guests and much more. FilmOn has already announced some of the early guests, who include Hannibal BurressDanny Trejo, Steve-OAndy Milonakis and Garfunkel and Oates.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Post’s PageSix, Chong, who is in the middle of chemotherapy for rectal cancer, says he’s feeling great. As you could imagine, he’s been offered a myriad of drugs to mitigate the side effects of his treatment, but has chosen to stick solely with cannabis.

“I’m high all the time,” he told PageSix. “I have to get up in the middle of the night and smoke up so the pain will be bearable. I’m stoned all the time. I’m stoned right now.”

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