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Toke Up With Your Mom This Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s Day, a day devoted to all the moms out there. Many of you got your moms a Mother’s Day card with a sappy, yet well meaning message written on the inside. Some of you probably took your mom out to a nice brunch where you waited an hour for your food to come. I hope you tipped your exhausted waitress well; she’s probably got kids at home that she would much rather spend the day with. If you’re looking for something else nice to do for mom, there’s one thing that she would definitely appreciate: smoking a joint with you.

I’m serious. Roll a fattie for your mom and blaze that shit. It would be the perfect relaxing end to a day made especially for celebrating your mom. She probably smoked joints when she was younger, and would love to take a trip down memory lane. Pick a nice, relaxing strain like Girl Scout Cookies. You can also pack it in a vape if the idea of smoking it puts mom off.

If you and your mom are more into baked goods, then why not bake some treats to enjoy with her. You’ll get some bonding time in the kitchen, and then you get to get baked. What could be more fun than that? If you have a butter maker, even better!  I’m sure you and your mom know plenty of other mothers who would love to join in on the fun.

If your mom is in need of a good glass piece, something simple and elegant from the Jane West Collection would be perfect for her too. If your mom is not so much into the whole cannabis thing, then I’m sure you know a mom somewhere who would appreciate the gesture.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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